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New backlit gauges for industrial, auto and marine market: Isspro's EV Series available in many configurations to meet specific needs. (Instrumentation).

A new line of industrial gauges from Isspro, Inc. offers thrudial illumination with illuminated pointer in many variations. In addition to offering the convenience of a backlit display the company said its new enhanced visibility (EV Series) product offerings have been designed to withstand extreme vibration, temperature and humidity.

The EV Series includes a full selection of mechanical, programmable or magnetically driven speedometers and mechanical, programmable or ignition-based tachometers, as well as air core pyrometers and a selection of electrical gauges. Also available are mechanical gauges for oil and drive oil pressure, manifold pressure, turbo boost, vacuum and combination vacuum and turbo pressure as well as hourmeters.

The standard industrial and automotive versions of the line feature a black dial, white numerals, white pointer and black brass bezel. A high-performance marine version of the EV gauges feature a white dial, daylight gray and nighttime blue numerals, blue pointer and a chromed brass bezel. A high-performance automotive version of the line features a black dial, white numerals, white pointer and black brass bezel. Bezel colors can be customized with powder-coat colored fold-on bezels in black, white, chrome, brass, red and blue. Gauges can be customized further with red, orange, blue and green silicon bulb covers.

Electrical pressure and temperature gauges in the EV Series provide a wide 270[degrees] sweep, and come complete with signal amplifier and sender.

Lenses used on the EV lines are made from convex domed glass. Domed polycarbonate crystal lenses are used on trip odometer speedometers and memory and internal shiftlite tachometers. An antifog solution is applied at the factory to the inside of all glass lenses. The entire line is frontally sealed and all exposed plastic parts are UV stabilized for long life. Glass filled white polyester cases resist corrosion and vibration and augment nighttime lighting.

Isspro said that the mechanical pressure and temperature gauges, as well as the pitot speedometer, feature a phosphor bronze bourdon tube linked to a gear and pinion arrangement for accurate indication. With the exception of ammeters, all electrical gauges feature air core movements. Most operate on 12 Vd.c., although some are offered in 24 Vd.c. versions. All electronic tachometers and speedometers in the line will function with either 12 or 24Vd.c. systems.

EV Series gauges can be mounted in the dash, atop or below it, or on a pillar. Each unit includes all mounting hardware as well as a light kit with a 12Vd.c. or 24Vd.c. wedge base light. Mounting nuts are knurled for easy installation, and brass case bolts are used to avoid corrosion. Powder-coated metal clamps prevent loosening over time.

The new gauges are manufactured at Isspro's 85,000 sq.ft. Portland, Ore., facility which is certified to ISO-9001 and QS-9000 standards.


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Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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