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New babies, new exhibits at Salt Lake City's zoo.

Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City is in the midst of its biggest changes in over a decade. Just recently, a new $1-million gorilla and orangutan exhibit opened, and sometime this spring a huge African plains exhibit will be added. The two-level enclosure will have a stream, waterfall, and open grassy area in which you'll see a small herd of common zebras and Thompson's gazelles, as well as ostriches, African geese, and a pair of secretary birds (a land-bound, fierce-eyed bird of prey).

Late March through May is also the best time to look for newborn animals. Several spot-(osed and capucin monkeys were born recently, and they may occasionally be viewed clinging to their mothers. In the petting zoo are several kids and lambs for children to touch.

The zoo is in Emigration Canyon, at 2600 Sunnyside Avenue. It's open daily from 9 to 5; admission is $3, $1.50 seniors and ages 5 through 16. Across the street, Pioneer Trail State Park has 18 historic and reconstructed buildings from Salt Lake City's past. You might want to save time for a stroll here; it's open 10:30 to 4:30 daily except 1 to 4:30 Sunday.
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Title Annotation:Hogle Zoo
Date:Mar 1, 1986
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