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New awards planned for advanced practice nurses.

It is very important for professions to remember their own, and this is especially important for an emerging and evolving profession like advanced practice nurses. Formerly, an Advanced Practice Nurse of the year award has been presented at the fall Wisconsin Nurses' Association convention. The award, and the meeting, have been an excellent recognition, but it is time to bring our award home to the Advanced Practice Pharmacology Forum held annually in the spring, and to expand one award into several to recognize the contributions of advanced practice nurses in different areas of practice and professional work.

We are hoping to present 3 or more awards at the 2011 WNA Annual Pharmacology and Clinical Update Conference. I propose Advanced Practice Nurse Clinician of the Year, Advanced Practice Nurse Educator of the Year, Advanced Practice Nurse Entrepreneur of the Year, and Advanced Practice Nurse Activist of the Year. We are actively seeking ideas for any other awards felt to best represent a significant section of our membership. The application process is rigorous, but worthwhile in the recognition it represents. Please get any ideas or thoughts on Advanced Practice Nurse Awards to Trudy Mara via the WNA office or 608-221-0383.

By: Trudy Mara, MSN, APRN, BC, ADM-BC, APNP

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Author:Mara, Trudy
Publication:STAT Bulletin
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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