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New approaches treat bruises.

NEW YORK -- Innovative new treatments for bruising may create sales opportunities beyond the skin care aisle.

A company called Cosmetic Technologies, for example, has introduced a skin care product called Vita-K Solution that promises to treat bruised skin, reducing tenderness and discoloration. As its name suggests, the product contains vitamin K. It is also formulated with 8% Arnica, a homeopathic ingredient.

"Arnica has been used to heal skin for centuries," says Erica Herrel, vice president of research and development at Cosmetic Technologies. "It works by stimulating the white blood cells that process congested blood, and by dispersing trapped fluids from joints, muscles and bruised tissue, thereby decreasing discoloration and inflammation."

Meanwhile, women who bruise easily are the target for a new product from Borell-Beauty LLC. Called UpKeep Body Builder antibruise formula deep moisturizing body lotion, it promises to prevent and speed the healing of surface bruises.

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Title Annotation:Cosmetic Technologies's Vita-K Solution; Borell-Beauty LLC's UpKeep Body Builder
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Date:Aug 21, 2006
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