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New application system for Army CP11 Financial Management Careerists. (Professional Development).

The Army Financial Management Career Proponency Office was informed that the Career Management Operations Branch (CMOB) of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, will cease operations on September 30, 2002. The last Easy Army Civilian Career Evaluation System (ACCES) referral list will be issued on or about September 15, 2002. This change affects not only CP11 but also all Army career programs using the ACCES referral system.

Effective on or about October 15, 2002, vacant CP11 positions will be filled using Resumix. Resumix has been in use in the CPOCs for positions filled through local merit promotion procedures. Career program positions will now be filled using this application process. The migration of ACCES centralized referral to Resumix has been pending for over a year.

The immediate requirement is for all CP11 employees to complete a resume in Army's Resume Builder (located under Employment) at by October 15. It will be each employee's responsibility to check for CP11 vacancy announcements on the Civilian Personnel On Line Web site.

Remember, Resumix is an application system, not an automatic referral system. E-mail notifications of interest and availability do not exist in Resumix. Once your resume is on file in Resumix, employees should follow the directions in the vacancy announcement to self-nominate for the positions they are interested in being considered for.

CMOB will contact each CP11 employee registered in ACCES in the near future by e-mail to inform him or her of the transition to Resumix and the suspense dares for completing a resume. The Army Financial Management Career Proponency Office will provide additional information as it becomes available.

HQDA point of contact is Willette Bunron, who can be reached at

Get In Touch!

As always, send information on certification, education, and training opportunities to ASMC National Headquarters, Attn: Professional Development, 2034 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 145, Alexandria, VA 22314, or e-mail or The toll-free number is (800) 462-5637

See you all next time.
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Date:Jun 22, 2002
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