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New and coming attractions.

So you've made it through to the end of our first issue of Solutions! for People, Processes and Paper. We hope you've had a good look at the entire issue, from cover to contents to news sections and articles. We hope you've found a lot of interesting and practical information relating to technical and management topics.

But, you may also have some questions. Like, where is "The Language of Business," the column by Cheryl and Peter Reimold that has run on the back page of TAPPI's journal in recent years and has been a regular feature of TAPPI's magazine for more than 20 years. (Hint: turn back a page and you'll find it.)

You may also wonder, what happened to TAPPI JOURNAL, what is happening with peer-reviewed papers, and what's next?

You will still find some of the best features of TAPPI JOURNAL--and PIMA's Papermaker magazines--in the new Solutions! magazine. Now, one international magazine will go to both TAPPI and PIMA members, and it will reflect the needs and interests of both groups. In this and future issues, you will find tips, tricks, help, insights, and solutions you can use throughout your career.

As had been done in TAPPI JOURNAL, our new Solutions! magazine will include the summaries of peer-reviewed papers. The full text of the papers will continue to be available through TAPPI's web site ( We also are continuing to review papers and schedule accepted papers. Authors who are interested in having their papers peer-reviewed for possible publication by TAPPI can send them by email to Don Meadows at, or to Lisa Hightower at

Meanwhile, TAPPI JOURNAL, which celebrated its 50th year of publication in 1999, will disappear from the scene--for a while. It's going into the shop, so to speak, for a major conversion. A new journal will be introduced in January. It will provide the full-text of peer-reviewed papers (up to about 3500 words each) in printed format. The new journal will be available by subscription to TAPPI members for US$ 100. Likewise, the Journal of Pulp and Paper Science (JPPS) will be available by subscription for US$ 100, or US$ 175 for both journals.

As we design the new TAPPI journal, we would like your suggestions on the format and features to include so that it will be a useful and valuable research tool. We are considering including an updates section, for example, that would feature short reports on research in progress at pulp and paper schools, research institutes, and elsewhere.

We also want your feedback on the new Solutions! magazine to help us fine-tune the new publication and schedule articles to address your professional needs and interests. You can send your comments to me, or to Alan Rooks ( For additional staff contact information, turn back to page 7 of this issue.

DONALD G. MEADOWS Senior Editor;
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Title Annotation:Last Words
Author:Meadows, Donald G.
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Sep 1, 2001
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