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New and Free Online Test for Ten Minutes Estimate Risk of Alzheimer's Disease Developed by Australian National University.

Alzheimer's disease is contributed by many risk factors from lifestyle to environmental. Australian National University researchers developed a free 10-minute online test to decrease these risk factors to all ages by simply taking the assessment test.

ANU Alzheimer's Disease Test

Alzheimer's disease or AD differs from each individual on how predictable the disease will progress. Lead researcher at Australian National University Professor Kaarin Anstey encourages people of all ages to take a free 10 minute online test developed by ANU researchers to assess risk factors of developing AD.

The free 10-minute online test is known as the ANU Alzheimer's Disease Risk Index or ANU-ADRI which ask series of simple questions pertaining exercise, diet, lifestyle and other which determines exposure to most AD risk factors.

"Anyone can use the ANU-ADRI to identify areas where they can change their lifestyle and reduce their risk of Alzheimer's. Until now there hasn't been a self-assessment tool to help the public identify which common risk factors they have and what they can do about them," Professor Anstey said according to ( United Press .

Due to fact of no cure status of AD worldwide, it is better to prevent risk factors through assessment and shift of lifestyle before any symptoms appear as the disease can be fatal. Most tests are confirmed through evaluation of behaviour and thinking abilities aside from standard brain scan to determine if the patient has AD.

Some advanced symptoms of AD include confusion, irritability, aggression, mood swings, language trouble and long term memory loss. In latent stage, AD can cause loss of bodily functions and finally death.

"The benefit of this tool is that it is backed by high-quality science. We found that the ANU-ADRI score predicted those who were at increased risk. This is the first time a comprehensive measure has been developed and then validated on external studies," Anstey expanded.

ANU ADRI Online Test

Risk factors of AD include smoking habits, depression, pesticide exposure and low social engagement. Mental stimulation, exercise and balanced diet have been suggested as ways to delays onset cognitive symptoms.

Taking ANU-ADRI online test helps assess individual exposure to the risk factors associated with Alzheimer's disease and it is evidence-based, validate and tool aimed at assessing.

In addition, it provide systematic individualised assessment and report on Alzheimer's disease risk factor exposure. It can also be useful to clinicians who would like their patients to record current risk profile. You visit the ( official Web site to take the free test for ten to fifteen minutes of your time.
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Date:Jan 30, 2014
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