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New York issues guidelines for VDT operators.

New York issues guidelines for VDT operators

Employee concerns over possbile adverse physical effects from operation video diplay terminals (VDT) were addressed in new policy negotiated by the State of New York and the Civil Services Employees Association, a unit of the State, County and Municipal Employees. The new policy, which guides State agencies in improving working conditions, calls for -- work-station furniture and layout to meet the requirements of individual employees. reduced noise and greateer control of temperature and humidity; special lighting and use of hoods, screens, and proper window shades to reduce glare and eyestrain; breaks and job shifts for VDT operators; and training for employees and supervisors on ergonomic design and safe use of VDT's.

The new policy declares that "there is presently no conclusive scientific data to support" the union's demand for protective equipment and devices. The policy als does not require the State to finance eye examination and glases for VDT operators.

Elsewhere, the World Health Organizations reported that visual discomfort is common among VDT operators, but there is no evidence of permanent vision impairment. To reduce the discomfort from VDT use, the report recommends that employers gibre extra attention to the design of equipment, workplace, work environment, and work practices.

According to the report, musculoskeletal discomfort is common among VDT operators, but further research is necessary to determine if this is an indicator or precursor of injury.

The report, prepared by Ulf Ove Bergqvist an Bergt Knave of the Swedish National Bank of Occupational Health and safety, is based on the 1985 findings of a Working Group on VDT'S sponsored by the World Health Organization.
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Title Annotation:Developments in Industrial Relations; vdieo display terminals
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Mar 1, 1988
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