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New York Senate proposes ban on "near beer" sales.

New York Senate proposes ban on "near beer" sales

Calling non-alcohol brews a "stepping stone" toward beverages containing alcohol, the chairman of the New York state Senate Alcoholism Committee proposed banning the sales of such products to anyone under 21 years of age.

"By allowing minors to purchase these |look alike' beers, we are sending the wrong message," said Sen. Thomas Libous (R-Birmingham), the author of the bill. Libous added that such a measure is necessary because the increasing popularity of non-alcohol brews are really "training beer" for minors.

Non-alcoholic brew "can be viewed as |training beer,' thus making the transition to real beer easier and earlier," Libous continued.

However, New York Beer Wholesaler Assn. president Michael Vacek said such a claim is unfounded.

"There's no proof whatsoever that non-alcohol beer leads to underage drinking," Vacek explained.

"Why single out the beer industry?" Vacek said, pointing out that some mouthwash products contain more alcohol than non-alcohol beers. Vacek also refuted the fact that underage consumers are being targeted for non-alcohol beer sales.
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Title Annotation:non-alcohol brews
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 20, 1991
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