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New Wisconsin emergency assistance volunteer registry ready.

The new WEAVR is live and ready for current members to re-register and for new members to join. The new WEAVR benefits you as a health professional volunteer and those with other skills who may be called upon to respond to a public health emergency. Your health professional license/certification/registration information can be verified by state and national databases. Integration of Medical Reserve Corps Unit members as well as members of the WI-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) into the new WEAVR provide a more central system to locate the licensure and skills needed for response to a public health emergency. Verification of credentials will make the response to an emergency more efficient and timely. In short, volunteers can be deployed faster. Thank you for joining WEAVR.
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Title Annotation:WNA UPDATE
Publication:STAT Bulletin
Date:Aug 1, 2012
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