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New Website Helps Animal Lovers Cope with Loss of Beloved Pets.

Psychic Advice Can Help Ease the Pain of a Lost Pet, Says Site Founder Dr. Robert Fahey

FORT MYERS, Fla., Nov. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Psychology professor Dr. Robert Fahey, who is also a psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant, announced the release of his initial pet psychic website aimed at pet owners and pet stores to help bring healing and comfort when a pet dies.



The decision to launch the site is that every day, hundreds of messages come in from people all over the world asking for the free remote distance pet energy healing and psychic help and support services.

No stranger to suffering from the passing of a pet, Dr. Fahey helps pet owners with the loss of their pets online, by phone, and during group demonstrations. He says, "People care for their pet soulmates, and when a pet dies, there is hurt, real sadness. However, when this happens, who are you going to call to put in plain words what you are really feeling? Who can you trust to listen and understand what you are going through? Endings are tough."

People call Dr. Fahey also asking help to better connect with a living pet, a lost pet, or to get spirit animal messages from a beloved pet that died. Pet lovers want answers to questions to feel better.

The most commonly asked questions include, "Do pets go to heaven?", "Is my pet okay?", and "Will my pet be waiting for me?" According to Dr. Fahey, the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes!

Dr. Fahey believes animals have a soul and that anything that lived and you loved is waiting for you when you go to heaven. In one of his books, he tells how pets are like family and you can expect them to be always waiting for you.

Dr. Fahey holds a Ph.D. in education and is the author of Rainbow Soul mates, They Are All Around You, Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars, and The Gift. When performing a free distance pet healing or $29 email pet psychic reading, he tells all, "Send or bring photos of your pet soul mate! They are still around you."

Dr. Fahey reminds us that "Pets are psychic too! Have you ever noticed your pet staring or barking at nothing? Well, it's not because there is nothing there: there is, and it is likely to be not only a spirit visit from a loved one who has crossed over to the other side, but also another animal in spirit. You see, just like human babies, our pets can see spirits all the time."

People call also because they want help to discover other things about their pets. For example, to get explanations for behavioral problems, to learn what their animal friend wants to tell them to deepen and improve their relationship, and to understand their pet's needs and feelings.

Dr. Fahey truly understands and respects the bond between a person and their animal and how it can be a very difficult time when an animal's time comes and must go to live in heaven.

Now there is help at

To learn more about Dr. Fahey, schedule an email reading, or to set up interviews, visit or email

Contact: Dr. Fahey Psychic Spirit Medium and Clairvoyant 239-244-1262

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