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New WDG5 locomotive design finalized today.

New Delhi, Sept. 17 -- Indian Railways and Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. (EMD), one of the leading global Locomotive manufacturers, announced today the final design of the new WDG5 locomotive. In a landmark achievement for Indian Railways, a complete high horsepower locomotive design has been completed by Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO) and Diesel Locomotive Works, (DLW) of Indian Railways with the support of EMD. This diesel locomotive has an output of 5500 bhp, which makes it the strongest diesel locomotive ever run on the Indian rail network. In combination with its record high tractive effort of 560 KN, it can pull significantly more load at higher speeds, thus enabling Indian Railways to increase the system throughput in the rail network.

The WDG5 locomotive design is a significant enhancement over the existing high horsepower diesel locomotives currently in use on the Indian Railways. In addition to providing the highest horsepower and tractive effort available within the Indian Railways diesel locomotive fleet, other highlighted features of the WDG5 include electronic fuel injection, radial grids and high adhesion light weight fabricated bogies. The locomotive also sports a state-of-art driver console with modern driver interface and crew friendly features like an air conditioned cab and a toilet, which is another first for the Indian Railways fleet. The WDG5 locomotive has the capability to integrate EMD's Intellitrain remote diagnostic and monitoring systems to reduce maintenance costs, enhance safety, increase asset utilization, reliability and availability.

Mr. Sanjiv Handa, Member Mechanical, Railway Board, Indian Railways, said "the partnership between Indian Railways and EMD has brought the latest diesel locomotive technology to India. WDG5 is the latest outcome of this association, where RDSO, DLW and EMD have jointly worked and come out with a state-of-art locomotive design which will prove to be the most versatile and powerful diesel locomotive, capable of running on existing tracks on Indian Railways. I am confident that IR's association with EMD will help us usher in further technology upgrades on IR in the future as well".

EMD has been gearing up for support of Indian Railways' rapid growth plan by enhancing it's 'in-country' support to Indian Railways. EMD has set up a Centre of Excellence at Lucknow with a strong and competent team of EMD engineers, which was inaugurated today. Apart from supporting the WDG5 locomotive project, EMD intends to work actively with Indian Railways on several joint programs involving Engine testing and Engine performance optimization which will help both EMD and Indian Railways through the shared enhanced knowledge base. EMD, as one the leading provider of environment friendly locomotives, also intends to work with Indian Railways on several joint initiatives to help Indian Railways meet upcoming emission standards.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Ossama Hassan, Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, EMD said "EMD is committed to support Indian Railways in future technology. We have great confidence that WDG5 will be the Locomotive of tomorrow for Indian Railways. Working

together with RDSO and DLW, EMD will support Indian Railways' active growth plans and will provide an ever-growing in-country support"

In a special message on this land mark occasion, Mr. William P. Ainsworth, President and CEO of Progress Rail Services communicated, "We are extremely pleased to be a part of the Indian Railways growth story. EMD has had a long and valued association of more than 50 years with the Indian Railways. We will continue our support of this alliance by developing and providing EMD best in class worldwide locomotive technology. Designed specifically for the Indian Railways, the WDG5 locomotive model provides the basis for future product development in this strategically important market."

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Publication:India PRwire
Date:Sep 17, 2010
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