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New Visual Entertainment Files 10SB, Will Make NASDAQ Application.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 26, 1996--New Visual Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: BBS NVXE) announces it has filed reporting form 10SB and will now explore a future NASDAQ listing. The NASDAQ listing would allow The Company broader access to public financial markets, and will help to provide greater liquidity in the trading of the Company's common stock.

"It's a tremendous step for the Company in that we are progressing towards the ultimate goal; the ability to fund our major production and revenue projects which will provide our Company's growth," states Phil Kueber, President of New Visual. Current projects include funding a 34 screen 3D distribution arrangement with major film exhibitors. The Company most recently completed filming of the "AT&T ON TOUR" concert series consisting of over 30 bands such as Sting, Metallica, and The Four Tops at a total corporate cost in excess of $2 million and is currently in post production.

New Visual Entertainment, Inc. is a development stage 3D production company that specializes in holographic 3D product development and distribution for home video, broadcast, and theatrical markets by using a proprietary technology for the creation and exhibition of holographic 3-dimensional media. This revolutionary technology, known as the New Visual Experience (NVX), allows for cost-effective, high quality production and projection of spectacular, holographic 3D imagery for traditional multi-plex theater centers as well as New Visual's own location-based entertainment (LBE) centers. The Company brings the New Visual Experience (NVX) into the home by utilizing a low cost viewing system that allows worldwide viewing of holographic 3D content on any home television or computer.

For further information regarding New Visual Entertainment: (888)-639-8478 or e-mail New Visual Entertainment at

CONTACT: New Visual Entertainment, Inc.

Investor Relations, 888-NEW-VISUAL (888/639-8478)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 26, 1996
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