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New Version of NetPartners 'WebSENSE' Now Compatible with Microsoft & Netscape Proxy Servers

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Version 2.1 of NetPartners' WebSENSE, is available today. Compatible with Windows NT, the latest version of WebSENSE, offers significantly improved performance and a number of powerful new functions.

WebSENSE, is the premier Internet Screening System designed to promote professional use of the Internet by effectively blocking undesirable or inappropriate websites. It is the ideal technology solution for businesses, schools and government organizations for ensuring productivity, protection from legal implications and controlling/preserving bandwidth and server space.

"Perhaps the most significant improvement in Version 2.1 is its ability to integrate with both Microsoft and Netscape Proxy Servers," states Phil Trubey, president of NetPartners. "This new feature gives larger organizations the ability to extend the functionality of the Microsoft & Netscape Proxy Server. These products are true complements to one another because they can effectively reduce the load on an Internet link while providing screening capabilities to keep employees and students only in areas of the Internet that are relevant to their respective roles."

WebSENSE Version 2.1 new features include:

Caching -- WebSENSE can now be used with caching proxy servers like Netscape's Proxy Server or Microsoft's Proxy Server to further enhance the functionality of the Proxy Servers, while reducing the load on the Internet link.

Viewing and Control -- WebSENSE viewing and application control can now be done from the WebSENSE control panel. Administrators can now get a quick view of the WebSENSE server as well as starting/stopping WebSENSE from a single screen.

Interface Control -- WebSENSE can now be used as a limited function firewall, providing some measure of protection for internal networks.

Two New Screening Categories -- Hacking and Web Chat have been added to the categories users can select to block. These two categories bring the total number to 28, giving even more control and flexibility to administrators.

Download on Demand -- the Master Database can now be downloaded whenever the administrator feels it is necessary, this function is a true convenience for testing or diagnostics.

Reporter -- the WebSENSE Reporter (beta version) is available with Version 2.1 and allows administrators to generate tabular or graphical reports from the WebSENSE log entries.

WebSENSE works with a Master Database of more than 50,000 URL and newsgroup addresses (the largest database of its kind) that fall into one of 28 categories. Management selects which categories may be accessed. Because there are 28 categories, companies can better define Internet access. For example, a company will most likely want to block areas that contain sexual or adult content, but may not necessarily be concerned that employees visit sports related sites.

The Master Database is continually updated to add new sites. Automated search engines scan the Internet 24 hours a day and our staff of Internet Professionals check each site to determine its suitability for inclusion into the Database. In addition, the Master Database is checked for quality and accuracy of categorization. Once WebSENSE is installed on the corporate network, a new Master Database is automatically updated each night. The WebSENSE Master Database uses an advanced system which converts URL addresses to IP so that all host machines are blocked from view by the user.

WebSENSE Version 2.1 is available now Free of charge. Existing customers may download the upgrade from our Web Center. To try WebSENSE Free for 14 days, download a copy from our Web Center at or call us at 800.723.1166.

NetPartners Internet Solutions, Inc. is a privately held San Diego based corporation dedicated to bringing Internet technology to the mass business market. In addition to developing and publishing WebSENSE, NetPartners is a leading VAR for Internet security related tools. Enabling organizations to obtain the benefits of Internet communications securely and easily, NetPartners specializes in the design, installation and support of the latest Internet tools including firewalls, encryption, remote access authenticators, and other related Internet tools.

(C) 1996 WebSENSE is a trademark of NetPartners Internet Solutions, Inc. All other product names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Date:Nov 21, 1996
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