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New Trimaran design unveiled. (Digest).

The Trimaran warship design from Vosper Thornycroft (VT) has received its next generation set of plans with the unveiling of a 116-metre corvette tailored to the export market. This newest design updates the original corvette developed in 1995. The Project Cerberus design (pictured) includes some of the advanced features of VT's Sea Wraith stealth vessel, particularly where radar cross section, propulsion power, helicopter operational capabilities and sea keeping are concerned. The Cerberus design is characterised by a long, slender main hull that is augmented by a high bow freeboard, which is complemented by Vosper's fine form ram bow. The crossdeck structure begins some 40 per cent of the craft's length aft of the bow and the wet deck clearance conforms with results obtained from model tests with the full-scale RV Triton trials. Four Rolls-Royce podded propulsors, two fore and two amidships, permit the transmission of power without excessive long shafting, and each is driven by a medium speed diesel engine. The original Triton from Vosper Thronycroft features in the article "Warship Design Trends" in this issue.
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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