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New Technology Boosts Cancer-Fighting Properties in Coffee.

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Researchers say they have developed a roasting process that may preserve more of the cancer-fighting elements found in coffee. The patent-pending roasting process significantly increases the extractability of polyphenols when coffee is brewed. Polyphenols are antioxidants that naturally exist in coffee beans and tea leaves. According to cancer research, an increase in polyphenol intake results in a decreased incidence of all cancers. The antioxidants also protect against cardiovascular disease, immune dysfunction, inflammatory diseases and other degenerative diseases.

Coffee beans naturally possess cancer-fighting polyphenols, but only a limited number of polyphenols are usually extracted from the coffee grounds during brewing. Consequently, when the consumer throws out the used grounds, many of the healthy polyphenols are thrown away also.

"We've simply changed the roasting process, made it a little more efficient and found way to keep more healthy compounds intact," said Dr. Thomas Slaga of the AMC Cancer Research Center, which developed the process along with Oncology Sciences Corp. (OSC).

The process is applied after the coffee beans are roasted in traditional manner. This allows approximately 60% more polyphenols to be extracted from the coffee at the time of brewing. What this means to the coffee consumer is a healthier cup of coffee with 60% more polyphenols and no change in taste or aroma.

The discovery of this process is an exciting find for a pharmaceutical company specializing in developmental cancer therapies," said Loretta Zapp, president and c.e.o. of OSC. OSC is closely affiliated with Denver-based AMC. "This process can lead to healthier cup of coffee for the billions of people who drink it every day."

OSC and AMC Cancer Research Center are currently refining the research of the process--the first of its kind anywhere in the world, according to the companies. AMC has dedicated a section of its facility solely to this area of research, complete with a small batch roaster. Already substantially improved, the end result is expected to be a cup of coffee that contains 150-200% more polyphenols than today's ordinary cup of coffee.

OSC says it plans to license the, beverage technology to a large coffee roasting company within the next 18 months. A portion of the profits from licensing the rights to the technology will go back into cancer prevention research.
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Title Annotation:increased health benefits of coffee through improved roasting process
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Date:Dec 20, 2000
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