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New TPUs for extrusion.

At the FIP show (9th International Plastics Industry Exhibition) held in Oyonnax, France, in June, Merquinsa (Barcelona, Spain) unveiled new extrusion grades of Pearlthane TPU (thermoplastic urethanes):

* Pearlthane D11T85E--polycaprolactone copolyester-based TPU especially designed for extrusion applications such as profiles, tubing, or film. It offers superior heat performance combined with hydrolysis resistance.

* Pearlthane D16N92--polyether-based TPU with 92 Shore A hardness. Well suited to tube, hose, and profile applications specifying a polyether grade, it offers excellent hydrolysis resistance and mechanical properties, plus FDA compliance.

* Pearlthane D16N87--polyether-based grade with 87 Shore A hardness. Targeting cable applications, it offers superior flexibility, microbial resistance, and easy processing.

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Title Annotation:Merquinsa unveiles new extrusion grades of Pearlthane thermoplastic urethanes
Comment:New TPUs for extrusion.(Merquinsa unveiles new extrusion grades of Pearlthane thermoplastic urethanes)
Author:Molinaro, Hope
Publication:Plastics Engineering
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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