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New TEA reference helps transporters at dockside.

MTMC transporters are thrilled about a new Transportation Engineering Agency reference on vessel data.

"We just got the box of references," said Lt. Col. Mark Westbrook, Commander, 839th Transportation Battalion, Livorno. Italy. "It was like Christmas."

Westbrook's unit got several printed versions of "Vessel Characteristics for Shiploading," and about 30 CD versions.

There was equal celebration in the 597th Transportation Group, Southport, N.C.

"The new vessel characteristics handbook is a must for any transporter loading vessels in a fast-paced environment," said Steven Kerr, Chief, Cargo Operations Division.

"Army Reserve and active-duty units would do well to arm themselves with this reference, as it may very well be the only manner to get current ship information."

Maj. Sam Blanton, Executive Officer, 837th Transportation Battalion, Pusan, Korea, was equally supportive.

"These books are an enormous benefit to our marine cargo specialists," said Blanton. "They represent combat multipliers in the execution of terminal operations."

Until the references arrived in mid-March, MTMC transporters had been using the last version, developed in haste in 1991 for Operation Desert Storm.

The reference, which has now been distributed to all MTMC terminal units, is designed to provide ship data to transporters to assist in planning and executing marine cargo movements.

"We've produced the definitive working reference for dockside transporters," said Theresa DeLucia. "We have more than 300 pages of reference drawings and data for ships."

The ship data includes many vessels managed and chartered by Military Sealift Command and vessels in the U.S. Maritime Administration's Ready Reserve Fleet. Vessels familiar to MTMC transporters adorn the reference's pages. They include the Fast Sealift Ships, Maritime Prepositioning Ships, the Buffalo Soldier, Green Wave, Strong American, and even the Comet, of long-ago MTMC voyages. Other ship's characteristics include the Military Sealift Command's 19 new Large, Medium-Speed, Roll-on/Roll-off vessels.

For more than 100 ocean vessels, transporters will find both a ship's photo and engineering drawing. Information available includes data on container space, crane capacity and ramps.

The printed version is a large spiral book, printed on waterproof paper, for easy use by transporters at dockside, said DeLucia. Deployment and stow planners should find the work a handy reference as well. Many of these same transporters and planners assisted in the reference's expansion, said DeLucia, by sending in revised and new information via e-mail.

"We've had people call from all over" said DeLucia. "They've sent us comments on loading issues for specific ships included in the reference. We've come a long way."

The reference was produced by members of the agency's Deployability Division. Drawings were produced by Terry Jenkins, James Pope and DeLucia. The layout was produced by Paula Duncan.

Master Chief Ray Brown, a U.S. Navy Reservist, assisted with research.

Distribution has been made to all 24 MTMC terminal units, as well as U.S. Transportation Command, Military Sealift Command, the Maritime Administration, the Department of the Army, and military transportation schools. Feedback has been very positive, said DeLucia.

The publication will be kept up to date by the addition of revisions to the agency Web site at Book or digital versions of the publication may be requested at
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