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New Study Says Sweetener Aspartame Has No Effect on Appetite or Food Intake.

5 June 2009 - A recently-published study by the ADA Evidence Analysis Library has come to the conclusion that using aspartame as a sweetener has no effect on appetite or food intake. The new study seems to contradict claims that the sweetener may have adverse effects for the population.

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"The conclusions should not be a surprise to health professionals, as they reflect what both science and common sense have told us for years," said Brendan Naulty, who is president of Ajinomoto North America, a leading manufacturer of aspartame.

"Aspartame is a safe and potentially valuable tool for helping consumers manage their calories", he added.

The evaluation also concluded that using aspartame in the context of a reduced calorie diet does not affect weight and may be associated with increased weight loss.

"In 2008, the ADA began this in-depth analysis of a list of questions about aspartame using its "evidence analysis" approach, which systematically and rigorously evaluates relevant human studies that fall within specific, pre-determined parameters. Factors such as size and quality of each study and potential bias are taken into account. After each study is analyzed by registered dietitians (RD), a separate expert group of RD's applies that research to the questions at hand. A conclusion statement is formulated for each question, and a "grade" is assigned to each statement indicating the strength of the evidence supporting that conclusion", stated Ajinomoto North America.

ADA managed all aspects of the process, including selection of research analysts and expert work group members. The evaluation was funded jointly by ADA and Ajinomoto.
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Date:Jun 5, 2009
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