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New Speed Reducer/Increaser Launched.

Rj Link International Inc. has introduced a new off-highway gearbox that will expand the Rockford, Ill., manufacturer's range of off-highway powertrain components. Founded in 1993, Link manufactures standard and custom gearboxes and components for a variety of off-highway uses, as well as having a contract machining business primarily used by a number of construction equipment manufacturers.

The product range includes engine-mounted and freestanding speed reducers and increasers, as well as hydraulic pump drives, transfer cases, multiple speed gearboxes and right angle drives.

The newest addition to Rj Link line is the model D144 gearbox. The box, which can be used either as reducer or increaser, has an input capacity of 600 hp at 1800 rpm and ratios of 1.2:1 through 3.0:1 in either engine or anti-engine rotation. The D144 is targeted at uses such as mud pumps, rock crushers, tub grinders, wood chippers, air and/or gas compressors and generator sets.

The D144 gearbox has a cast iron housing and uses hardened helical gears and tapered roller bearings. According to Rod Link, president of Rj Link, one of the key design features of the D144 is the use of helical gears that are splined to shafts. This means no keyways and reduced noise and heat, while adding strength and durability to the design, he said.

The gearbox is designed to be direct mounted to a diesel engine via an integral bell housing, though it can also be adapted for remote or independent mounting. The input shaft can be configured for a mechanical clutch, air clutch or a flywheel coupling. The standard output shaft is 4 in. x 9 in. long, with other styles available.

The launch of the D144 continues a recent move by Rj Link to expand the standard product side of the business, which works in parallel with the company's custom gearbox business, products typically built on a proprietary basis for a specific equipment manufacturer.

Rod Link said the company pursues applications up to about 1000 hp. Other gearboxes manufactured by Rj Link are used in applications such as construction equipment brooms, grain handling equipment, orchard sprayers, air compressors, truck-mounted pump drives, concrete saws, snowblowers and snow grooming equipment. All are manufactured at Rj Link's 15,000 sq.ft. facility, which was recently ISO 9001 certified. The plant features vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, CNC gear hobbing, gear shaping and horizontal broaching capability, which allows the company to handle single piece prototype, as well as higher volume machining operations, Rod Link said.

Among the other standard products in the Rj Link line is the model D101, an aluminum case gearbox that has an input capacity of 240 hp at 1000 rpm with a 1.8:1 ratio, or 215 hp at 1000 rpm with a 4.0:1 ratio. Hardened helical gears and tapered roller bearings are used.

The model D105 has input capacities of 425 hp and 375 hp at 1800 rpm with 1.2:1 and 3.0:1 ratios respectively as either a speed increaser or reducer. The D106 is a two-speed gearbox, with standard ratios from 1.0:1 and 4.0:1, and input capacities of 55 hp or 190 hp at 1000 rpm. Both the D105 and D106 gearboxes have cast iron housings. The D119 is a cast iron drop-box with an input capacity of 375 hp at 1800 rpm and 1:1 standard ratios.

The D131 is a cast iron split-shaft transfer case with 1:1 ratios and an input capacity of 500 lip at 1800 rpm with 1500 lb.ft. torque to the top shaft and 1500 lb.ft. on the straight through drive.

Among the more specialized boxes Rj Link has designed and manufactured is a proprietary planetary drive with an input capacity of 600 lip at 1800 rpm, that uses hardened spur gears and has available ratios of 5:1 and 6:1.

Toward the smaller end of the range, Rj Link has built a 20 hp at 1800 rpm gearbox with a hydraulic motor on the input shaft, a cast iron case, ball bearings and spur gears that incorporate a neutral safety switch. The box is designed for single-speed operation with neutral and has a ratio of 8.09:1.
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