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New South Wales.

As the newly elected NSW State Representative, I would like to introduce myself to the NSW members of ATMS.

My name is Patrick de Permentier, and I am a long-standing member of ATMS in the area of Remedial Massage and further education. I was the elected ATMS Members' Representative, but with the restructured board which now includes ATMS general members this position became redundant.

Briefly, my background is that I am a full time lecturer in Anatomy in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of NSW as well as a lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology at the NSW School of Massage in Sydney. I have conducted many ATMS workshops throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area and rural NSW, concentrating on anatomical areas of interest to massage therapists and I have and will continue to publish high quality articles on aspects of anatomy in the ATMS Journal. On that note, I hope that you have read my articles on "Effective Research: A Discussion of Essential Elements" Vol 17 (2) June 2011 and "An Anatomical Perspective on Growing Pains in Children" Vol 18 (1) March 2012.

As the NSW State representative, I would like to request that NSW members email me items of interest, e.g. workshops, college graduations, interesting articles and activities, etc., for inclusion in my future reports.

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Title Annotation:State News
Author:de Permentier, Patrick
Publication:Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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