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New Sony Betacam SP family offers affordable component video recording.

True component-video recording quality at composite-video price--that's the claim made by Sony for their new UVW Series Betacam SP recorders and players.

The products are: UVW-1800 Editing Recorder, UVW-1600 Editing Player, UVW-1400 Recorder/ Player and UVW-1200 Player.

The flame-accurate UVW series is tailored for "cuts-only," multi-format VTR and A/B roll editing. Its VTRs are especially suited to computerbased, off-line editing; animation; and computer-controlled presentations.

These VTRs offer advanced features not found on comparably priced composite video systems, according to Sony. For example, units come with built-in time base corrector/stabilizers and longitudinal time code generator/readers. They offer component, composite, Y/C composite and RGB inputs and outputs, plus RS-422 or RS-232 interfaces for easy, flexible integration with other products.

Other features are flame-accurate picture-search speeds of five times (5X) for color or 16 times (16X) for black-and-white images. Do/by C is standard.

The UVW series' VTRs have a simplified front panel with secondary controls behind a hinged door. A user-friendly menu displays text messages both on the front panel and on a monitor. An initial set-up menu is displayed this way, as are time code data, CTL and VTR function status, plus warning and error indications.

Set-up configurations are retained in memory after power is turned off-- Self-diagnostics are incorporated, plus an optional SVRM-100 Remote Control handles basic functions on all the units.

The Betacam format is known for its superior picture quality because data on brightness is recorded on one track while data on color is recorded on another. Separate tracks produce pictures with more detailed chrominance and luminance data, plus eliminate the cross-color and cross-luminance effects inherent to composite recording. In addition, under the Betacam SP format, a longitudinal audio track does not have to be sacrificed for time code.

According to video professionals, the UVW environment is a way for S-VHS users to move up in video quality without having to jettison their existing equipment. The VTRs offer S-video connectors in addition to connectors for component and composite video.

The Editing Recorder/Player

The UVW-1800 is an editing recorder/player equipped with a RS422 port through which the VTR can be contolled from editing controllers for both insert and assemble editing. In insert mode, video, audio channel one and channel two, and time code can be inserted independently and in any combination. In assemble mode, all pre-recorded signals are erased and replaced with new signals.

Built in are a time base corrector (TBC) with advanced digital dropout compensation, a time code (TC) generator/reader that provides both LTC and User-bits, and a character generator. An optional BVR-50 remote controls the TBC video output.

Connectors on the VTR are extensive. Y/R-Y/B-Y component signal input and output through BNC connectors and a 12-pin DUB connector take full advantage of the Betacam SP format. In addition, composite video inputs and outputs as well as S-video input and outputs are offered. There are four audio connectors, two for input and two for output. TC input and output connectors round out the VTR.

The Editing Player

The UVW-1600 has the same features and remote controls as the 1800, however it is less versatile in terms of types of input and output. This VTR is designed for editing.

Component video output via BNC connectors and a DUB connector are provided, as are composite video and S-video output connectors. Two audio output connectors, plus a TC output connector, are standard.

The Recorder/Player

The UVW-1400 is a recorder/ player with an RS-232 connector for control via an external computer as well as a Time Base Stabilizer, TC generator/reader and a character generator. It is mainly for presentation tasks.

Differentiating it from the others, this unit is tailored for an RGB (computer graphics) environment. It has a special RGB/Component Switch that, when set to RGB, lets component video connectors both accept and supply RGB signals. Four audio connectors, two in and two out, are also standard.

The Player

The UVW-1200 VTR handles playback. It offers external control by a computer, plus a built-in Time Base Stabilizer, TC reader and character generator. Component, composite and S-video outputs are offered. Similar to the 1400, the 1200's component connectors can output RGB signals when a special switch is set. Two audio output channels are included.
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Title Annotation:UVW Series Betacam SP recorders and players
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Date:Dec 1, 1993
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