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New SofTech ProductCenter PLM Release Announced.

TEWKSBURY, Mass. -- New CAD Integrators, Microsoft SQL Server Support, International Language Support, and Other Feature Enhancements Mark This Latest Release

SofTech, Inc. (OTCBB: SOFT), a proven provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, announced the availability of its latest ProductCenter 8.5.1 release. This new release strengthens ProductCenter's already comprehensive computer-aided design (CAD) integration support, adds a new database option for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, extends internationalization of the software for world markets or companies with global operations, and includes many other customer-driven features that will enhance a user's overall PLM experience and productivity.

"In particular, this new release extends our already strong CAD integration support for ProductCenter, making it even more beneficial to companies with mixed-CAD environments, now for companies with CATIA V5, UGS NX, and ME10," states Jay Pappas, ProductCenter product manager. "This benefits companies not only using these CAD packages or some mix but to work better, improve communication, and share drawing files more efficiently with other partners and suppliers that may not necessarily have the same CAD line up."

Significant to the new ProductCenter(TM) PLM 8.5.1 release are these enhancements and more:

--New SQL Server 2005 Support - With long term support already offered for the Oracle database, this new ProductCenter release expands database support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, giving ProductCenter customers a choice of their preferred database solution. The key advantage for SofTech PLM customers will be even more easily deployed PLM solutions.

--New CAD Integration for CATIA V5, UGS NX and ME10 - As an independent PLM solution provider, a key strength of SofTech and ProductCenter has always been support for mixed-CAD environments. ProductCenter provides direct integrations to a host of popular CAD applications, such as Pro/ENGINEER, SolidWorks, CADRA, AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor, as well as to office and desk top publishing applications, such as Microsoft Office and FrameMaker. This new release expands this already comprehensive CAD integration suite with new ProductCenter integrations to Dassault Systemes' CATIA V5, UGS NX and CoCreate ME10.

--Support for New CAD Package Releases - Support has been added in ProductCenter for the newest releases of Autodesk Inventor 11, AutoCAD 2007, and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3. SofTech is a long standing partner of Autodesk, PTC, SolidWorks, and other complementary solution providers with programs to certify select applications to ensure compatibility and high quality integrations release to release. ProductCenter was certified with SolidWorks 2006 in a previous release.

--Expanded International Language Support - ProductCenter expands local language support by introducing support for the French language. ProductCenter now supports English, Italian, German and French.

--Additional ProductCenter Integrator Enhancements - ProductCenter always supported the automatic extraction of CAD property values and then the mapping of this information to ProductCenter attributes during the Store Hierarchy operation. ProductCenter extends this bi-directional mapping capability to now include attributes such Status, Revision, Preparer, Prepared On, Reviewer, Reviewed On, Issue, Released On, Last User, and Modified On to CAD properties. In addition, the ProductCenter(TM) Inventor and ProductCenter(TM) SolidWorks Integrators save additional time now by now letting users automatically retrieve all drawings linked to the hierarchy during the Retrieve Hierarchy operation.

--Enhanced Web Client Graphical Process Viewer - The ProductCenter(TM) Web Client now has a Graphical Process Viewer similar to the ProductCenter(TM) Windows Client, which lets users present workflow processes such as signature cycles in a graphical representation, making it much easier to visualize, modify, or spot bottlenecks in processes.

--New Forms Editor Enhancements - JPEG, BMP, TIF and PDF files can now be displayed directly within a ProductCenter Item Information Form to customize with a company logo, thumbnail or preview image for a part or assembly for example.

--ProductCenter BOM Export - The ProductCenter BOM Export resources has been expanded to control find number generation, BOM sort order, and part number case-sensitivity for greater flexibility when generating the BOM from the CAD assembly hierarchy.

About SofTech, Inc.

SofTech, Inc. (OTCBB: SOFT) is a proven provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions with its flagship ProductCenter(TM) PLM solution, and its computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) products, including CADRA(TM) and Prospector(TM).

SofTech's solutions accelerate products and profitability by fostering innovation, extended enterprise collaboration, product quality improvements, and compressed time-to-market cycles. SofTech excels in its sensible approach to delivering enterprise PLM solutions, with comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities, to meet the needs of manufacturers of all sizes quickly and cost-effectively.

Over 100,000 users benefit from SofTech solutions, including General Electric Company, Goodrich, Honeywell, Siemens, Sikorsky Aircraft, U.S. Army, and Whirlpool Corporation. Headquartered in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, SofTech ( has locations and distribution partners throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

SofTech, CADRA, ProductCenter and Prospector are trademarks of SofTech, Inc. All other products or company references are the property of their respective holders.
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Date:Jun 20, 2006
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