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New ServicePRO Delivers Collaborative Work Management for All Users.

Merges Task/Project Management with Social Tools for Use by Ad Hoc Teams or Business Units

TORONTO, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Help Desk Technology Corporation today introduced ServicePRO Enterprise, a web-based work management system that can be used by any business unit or team to coordinate and create a complete audit trail of activities related to tasks and projects. The software combines workflow tools for assigning and routing work, social features such as chat and messaging to facilitate collaboration, the ability to link emails and documents as well as calendar items to specific tasks and projects, and activity streams that consolidate all information on a given issue into a single view for easy reference and tracking.

One early adopter in the healthcare industry is using ServicePRO's all-purpose work management system to handle help desk, facilities management, human resources, legal matters, patient transport management and a variety of other processes, eliminating the need to adopt different point solutions for each function.

A real estate management firm is using the software to manage construction projects; a law firm, for case management and appointment scheduling; a financial services company, to manage third-party consultants; a technology firm, in place of a leading project management product; and so on. It is also available in separate editions for help desk or departmental service desk use only.

"Whether you're resolving an IT issue, onboarding a new employee, planning a marketing campaign or handling any other business task, you need a way to organize and document the activities of everyone involved. Adopting different solutions for different business units or types of tasks is inefficient and expensive," said Igal Hauer, CEO of Help Desk Technology Corporation. "ServicePRO supplies a generic set of tools that can be used to manage and execute any number of business processes collaboratively within or across business units."

Those tools C collectively called the ServicePRO Workbench and available in the cloud from any Internet-enabled device C include:

* Service requests containing general task or project information, assignment to the proper personnel, priority, start/stop dates, and options for automatically updating designated users on progress. Templates can be created for recurring tasks and projects, fields can be customized by users to match specific needs, and relevant documents and memos can be attached as the work proceeds. Requests can also be automatically created from incoming email messages based on business rules.

* Chat, instant messaging, shared calendars and screen sharing that expedite communication, task completion and problem resolution. Transcripts of all interactions are recorded and retained as part of the task's or project's permanent record.

* Activity streams containing all activities, communications and documents related to each service request for easy search and retrieval, including Word, Excel and Power Point documents; image, audio, video and PDF files; emails; chat and messaging threads; and more. Relevant email attachments can be attached automatically via business rules.

* Calendaring for scheduling meetings and appointments, and automatically integrating them with appropriate requests and tasks. For customers using Microsoft Office, every meeting or appointment is synchronized with each user's Outlook calendar.

* A centralized knowledge base providing fast, secure, cloud-based access to needed documents, eliminating searches through individual emails, nested folders or staff computers. Documents can be captured manually or through automatic rules-based transfer of email attachments.

* A 'My Workspace' view enabling individual users to see all work assigned to them and drill down to activity streams, attached documents, communications and more.

These functions and others are backed by robust business process management capabilities, including business rules that automate processes such as issuing alerts and sending emails to ensure on-time task completion, and role-based access control for creating teams, assigning privileges and ensuring that documents are seen and modified only by authorized personnel.

ServicePRO Enterprise (for company-wide work management), ServicePRO Professional (for departmental service desks) and Help Desk Express (for IT help desks) are available immediately. All three editions can be deployed in the public cloud or on-premise in a private cloud scenario. Interested organizations can see an instant test drive, request a customized demo and arrange a 30-day pilot project at

About Help Desk Technology Corporation Help Desk Technology Corporation has been developing problem management software for more than 20 years and is best known for its HelpSTAR help desk software, which was used by thousands of customers worldwide until its retirement this year. ServicePRO leverages and expands on the company's help desk legacy to provide a collaborative work management solution that can be used to help any business unit in any industry complete tasks and projects efficiently. For more information, visit or call 800-563-4357.

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