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New Seminar to Train Institutional Investors How to Value the Intellectual Property Portfolios of their Target Companies.

Unique Seminar will Help Companies Communicate the Value of their Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property to the Investment Community

PRINCETON, N.J. -- "Most of the value of promising companies lies in their intangible assets and intellectual property portfolios," said David Wanetick, Managing Director of IncreMental Advantage. "However, it is exceedingly rare for even the most sophisticated institutional investors to take even a cursory review of their target companies' intellectual property positions. Such systemic oversight routinely leads to catastrophic miscalculations."

Mr. Wanetick continued, "Similarly, companies whose value proposition is largely resident in their intangible assets and intellectual property have difficulty articulating the strength of their intellectual property positions to the investment community. This disconnect leads to undervaluation in terms of such companies' reputation, share price and acquisition price."

IncreMental Advantage is providing two services to mitigate the disparity in valuations companies receive as a result of the mispricing of their intellectual property portfolios.

IncreMental Advantage will run a unique seminar entitled Intellectual Property Valuation on March 28, 2007 in New York City.

IncreMental Advantage is preparing Intellectual Property Valuation Assessments on companies in need of communicating the value of their Intellectual Property portfolios to the investment community. These IP valuation assessments provide senior executives of companies an unparalleled opportunity to discuss issues such as the talent of their research and development team; licensing practices; alliances with universities and other corporations; IP monetization strategies; IP litigation; extent of patent filings; and much more. More information about these IP Valuation Assessments can be obtained by contacting Vincent E. Scott at 609-919-1895 ext. 125 or

About this Seminar:

This seminar presents a unique opportunity to learn how to value companies based on their Intellectual Property positions.

Topics include: The Strategic Impact of Patent Brokerage on Company Interests; Boosting Intellectual Property Investment Returns; Enhancing Shareholder Value through IP Disclosure; Intensive Patent Valuation; Approaches to Valuing Intangible Assets; Using Intellectual Property to Make Investment Decisions; Are Investment Decisions Deserving of Trade Secret Status?; Using IP Securitization to Drive Your Business Strategy; Royalty Securitization; and, Building Your Brand to Achieve Higher Valuation.

Further information about this conference is available at or by contacting Neomi Barazani at 609-919-1895 ext. 100 or

About IncreMental Advantage: IncreMental Advantage is a think tank that publishes breaking research developments on issues ranging from advertising to water utilities. Our research is highly regarded among institutional investors and senior executives from all over the world. The world's largest companies sponsor and send their senior executives to our conferences. Our research and events are dedicated to helping senior executives and institutional investors achieve "IncreMental Advantages" in their fields of expertise. Visit IncreMental Advantage online at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 2, 2007
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