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New Scoliosis Treatment in Kansas City - Non-Bracing, Non-Surgical.

Belton, MO, June 19, 2015 --( For the 20,000+ children and adults in the Kansas City metro area who suffer with significant Scoliosis, there is a new treatment option available that utilizes exercises and specific therapies instead of hard-bracing or surgery. This can help reduce pain, and even reduce the size of their curves.

"Up until now, the only specific treatment options available for patients with Scoliosis was hard-bracing or surgical-fusion. Most families will try to avoid both of these treatments if at all possible due to either the discomfort of wearing a hard brace for 23 hrs per day or the risk of complications with invasive surgery. That's why our program is so important," said Dr. Nicholas Weddle, the director of ScoliosisKC, a Certified CLEAR doctor.

ScoliosisKC ( is among only 39 clinics world-wide who offer the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute's program for stabilizing and reducing Scoliotic curves. The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute, a non-profit, was started in 2001, in an effort to develop a specific exercise and spinal correction treatment to help children and adults with Scoliosis to reduce their curves without the use of bracing or surgery.

"While both bracing and surgery attempt to correct Scoliotic curves using force, either with a hard-plastic body brace or with metal rods surgically attached to the spine, our program aims to keep the spine in motion, and strengthen the spine so it can remain straight by itself. Additionally, we go a step further and address the abnormal 3-dimensional structure of the patient's spine. For example, nearly all patients with Scoliosis present with loss of the normal curves of the neck and low-back. This reality is frequently neglected in the other treatments."

This also give hope for people with Scoliotic-curves from 10 to 25 degrees (Cobb angle), where neither bracing or surgery are options typically available to them. Adolescent patients are typically not braced until they reach around 25 degrees, so those with curves less than that may have to "watch-and-wait," to see if their curves will stay the same or increase. "Instead of just waiting to see if their curves will worsen, we can be proactive and actually reduce and stabilize their Scoliotic curves when they are smaller and easier to work with, preventing them from increasing and becoming surgical candidates," concluded Dr. Weddle.

Whether you have had Scoliosis for years, or you were just recently diagnosed, this treatment option may change the course of your care significantly. Kansas City residents can find more information about this treatment by visiting and watching some introductory videos regarding this program. You can also schedule a free consultation regarding you or your child's condition by calling 816-425-5578.

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Date:Jun 19, 2015
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