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New Scandals in Child Prisoner Torture: Soldiers Urinate on 13-Year-Old Boys.

Bethlehem -- PNN - Palestinian Minister of Prisoner Affairs Issa Qaraqa' said he has uncovered a new scandal in the treatment of child prisoners by Israeli soldiers, in which Israeli soldiers urinated on two 13-year-old boys and held them naked in a bathroom for two days. Qaraqa' said that he had contacted a lawyer on behalf of two detained children, Muhammad Tariq Abd al-Latif Mukhaymar and Muhammad Nasir Ali Radwan, both 13 and from Beit Awar. They were detained last July, when they were in the sixth grade.Mukhaymar said that border guards arrested him and Radwan near the wall, on Street Number 443 near Beit Awar, beat them severely, bound their hands, blindfolded them, and transported them to the nearby settlement of Binyamin.He said the soldiers then pushed them into a bathroom and forced them to take off their clothes. They said they were left naked in the bathroom for two days without food or water and that the soldiers set the air conditioning unit to blow cold air for the duration.Mukhaymar said he was very thirsty and had to drink the toilet water and suffered from severe chills, and every time he and Radwan tried to sleep, the soldiers came into wake them up.He said the worst thing that happened, however, was that when the soldiers came in they didn't relieve themselves in the toilet, but urinated on the boys' heads and faces instead. The soldiers then mocked and laughed at them while one took pictures.After the two days in this cruel condition, said Mukhaymar, they were led into Binyamin settlement and interrogated from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m., then taken to Ofer Military Camp. They remained there for three months, then were transported to the youth prison in Rimonim. They were never arraigned in court.Minister Qaraqa' said, "The base inhumanity of the occupation soldiers has been on the rise lately. The Ministry of Prisoners will present a complaint against the Israeli soldiers that committed this abomination."

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Publication:Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
Date:Nov 1, 2010
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