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New Sanipac recycling carts in service next week.

Byline: Scott Maben The Register-Guard

Sanipac will begin collecting recyclable materials in its new blue roll carts starting Monday.

Half of the company's customers can roll the big blue carts to the curb next week. The rest must wait a week longer to begin the new biweekly service.

Delivery of 43,000 of the 90-gallon carts should conclude this week. The company that makes the carts began dropping them off at the homes of Sanipac customers on Oct. 20.

Starting Monday, Sanipac customers south of 18th Avenue in Eugene and east of 28th Street and Marcola Road in Springfield should put their roll carts out the same day they put their garbage out.

All other customers will begin their rotation during the week of Jan. 5.

In Eugene, Sanipac will alternate each week between recycling and yard waste collections. Springfield has no yard waste collection, but recycling there still will be every other week. Pickup schedules were attached to the carts upon delivery.

The cart's size hasn't pleased everyone, Sanipac General Manager John Hire admitted.

"We've had people call and say it's too big for them," Hire said. "We asked they give it a try during the holidays. This is the perfect time to learn how flexible that thing can be for you."

The large carts are intended to encourage residents to recycle a wider array of materials, from all paper products to cardboard boxes to tin, aluminum and acceptable plastics.

Gift wrap, Hire said, can go in the recycling carts instead of the trash.

"Just wad that stuff up and throw it in there," he said.

The mixed loads of recyclables are compacted and trucked to a Portland plant to be sorted and distributed to manufacturers.

The only things that can't go in the recycling carts: glass and containers of used motor oil. Customers should keep their old recycling bins for setting out bottles and jars.

Sanipac serves about 80 percent of residential customers in Eugene. It's the only hauler serving Springfield.


Call: 736-3600 if you didn't get your cart from Sanipac.
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Title Annotation:Environment; The company encourages customers to put paper, plastics and other recyclables into the carts for biweekly pickup
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Dec 25, 2003
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