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New SP 3400 Series high-level order pickers from Crown.

With a maximum lift height of 9.5 m which allows an operator to reach to 11.3 m, that is the height at which the new high level order pickers from Crown can operate.

At this height, operators need to have complete confidence in the safety and stability of their equipment--otherwise productivity will inevitably suffer.

Crown's new range of high-level order pickers offers features that ensure complete operator confidence, both on the ground and at the highest elevations. All six models (with a range of load capacities between 625 kg and 1250 kg) in the new SP 3400 Series also incorporate design elements on both the fixed-fork and lifting-fork versions which provide high levels of operator comfort which further improves performance. These include a spacious feature-laden working platform with anti-fatigue floor mat, exceptional visibility and an extremely stable mast.

Crown's unique Load Path Stability (LPS) design gives the SP 3400 a solid foundation. LPS distributes the force of the load evenly from the platform to the ground. The special construction of the mast and massive bracing in the power unit deliver rock-solid stability for the operator when working at height. The SP 3400 Series uses heavy-gauge steel in the skirt, doors and battery cover to keep as much weight as possible close to the ground.

The mast's combination of heavy-gauge and wide outer C-channels and inner I-beams improves front-to back operator platform stability. Vertical mast braces, unique to Crown, minimise lateral platform sway.

All the trucks in the SP 3400 Series have excellent acceleration and a top speed of 12 km/h. Linear speed control is offered as standard giving operators smooth speed transition as lift heights change.

The SP 3400 Series offers optimum braking, even with the platform elevated, by combining motor and friction braking in Crown's patented Intelligent Braking System (IBS). The Access 3TM Traction Control module continuously monitors lift height, along with other variables, and automatically adjusts to ensure precise braking at all heights.

Exceptional visibility is another feature of the SP 3400 Series--again ensuring high levels of performance. The platform window provides excellent visibility' both through and around the mast, its large viewing area allowing better visibility of pick locations and intersecting aisles. Even at lower elevations, the clear view mast provides an unobstructed sightline, allowing operators to easily' locate pick items well before they reach them.

A convenient and user-friendly working environment is also essential for ensuring optimal performance. The gates on the spacious platform protect operators and are easily opened when necessary. Crown's premium anti-fatigue floor mat is a standard feature for the SP 3400 Series. Based on extensive ergonomic studies, it reduces the effects of vibration and standing fatigue and makes it easier for the operator to stay well-balanced. A combination of comfort and safety leading to increased productivity.

The information display provides key status data such as truck operational parameters, steering wheel position indicator, event and service codes, battery discharge indication and wire guidance status. Electronic power steering, standard on the entire SP 3400 Series, provides smooth, precise operation with minimum effort. Crown's fixed traction control handle, an integral part of the truck's four points of solid contact for the operator, offers even more security' at heights.

The Access 3TM Traction Control includes Crown's patented diagnostic system to improve serviceability, facilitate maintenance and extend service life. Crown's InfoPointTM system ensures faster and simpler troubleshooting and maintenance without the use of wiring diagrams or service manuals, leading to more uptime for trucks and operators.

The SP 3411 and SP 3421 fixed-fork order pickers are ideally suited for picking bulky, oversized items or where extended platforms and industrial carts are used in place of pallets. The SP 3471 is designed for specialised picking carts or picking attachments. The SP 3481 offers a load capacity of 625 kg with a load centre of 1,200 mm and can handle loads up to 2.4 metres long. Both of these fixed fork models feature a four-point suspension for greater residual load capacity.

The SP 3412 and SP 3422 lifting-fork order pickers allow the operator to vary, the load height reducing the need for reaching and bending. This is especially beneficial when the orders consist of many small or heavy items, or where partial-pallet orders are picked.

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