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New Royal should have been opened this year; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Phone: 0151 227 2000 Twitter: @LIVECHONEWS Facebook: Post: Liverpool ECHO, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB.

IT IS incredible that the opening of the new Royal hospital might not happen until 2019.

It is obvious when you attend the current building that the general consensus was everything would be up and running before this year is out.

The A&E particularly is overcrowded, impersonal and without privacy and the staff are having to work in run-down out-of-date areas under overwhelming pressure, which is reflected in the waiting times.

Nobody could have predicted the collapse of Carillion, but was a suitable back-up plan in place? Furthermore, instead of Mr Anderson concentrating all his efforts on a new football stadiumn he should be enforcing the completion of the new-build without delay.

Anne Marie Imundi, L25 Where is red line? THE recent chemical attack in Syria was appalling, but we need to get off our moral high-horses here.

We have in our possession many nuclear weapons which, if used, would kill not the 50 who died, but 5m people!

Furthermore, as the Government refuses to give a guarantee of no first use, we reserve the right to use them at our discretion.

Where is the red line here? David Rainbird, via email Dodgy dossier? IMAGINE the British and American people being told that Syria's President Assad had gassed his own people several times with nerve agents.

Imagine also that story being used as a pretext for America to drop 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on a Syrian airbase in April, 2017, killing dozens of Syrian soldiers and pilots who were fighting ISIS.

Imagine also that, in Ghouta, in 2013, the same propaganda was used about the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons that almost had the entire Western world go to war against Assad, which would have meant effectively bombing, as we did in Libya, a bunch of Islamic terrorists to power? Imagine that the same reason was used to start an air war on Syria today? Then, unbelievably, imagine that just two weeks ago the US Secretary of Defence, James Mattis, declaring publicly that the US has no evidence that the Assad Government used banned chemical weapons against the Syrian people.

The Intelligence Services and our government are once again presenting us with another dodgy document, as they did over Iraq!

Mark Holt, Brighton-le-Sands Speed up CPOs CAN we welcome any steps to fast-track compulsory purchase powers for long-term vacant properties? A vacant home can result in damp to neighbours, and give a conduit for criminal elements breaking into homes otherwise protected by alleygates We also hope the council will be more assertive using CPO powers for wasteland sites which are a source of dumping and other anti-social behaviour.

We have had great progress getting rid of wasteland sites such as Lowndes Road and, with the support of local builders, built new terraced homes for rent.

However, the process took far too long - that is not to be critical of the council. The Land Registry takes far too long processing CPO actions, as we have been frustrated with delays over progressing the wasteland opposite the Clifton pub. Cllrs Steve Radford, Kevin Morrison and Mr Billy Lake, Tuebrook and Stoneycropft Liberal Party Great race I HAVE just read your Letters page and I must reply to the letter sent in by Jennifer White of PETA (Focus on horses, ECHO, April 16).

She states that 40 horses have been killed in the Grand National since 2000.

Does she know that 19 horses have died in the last three years of the Cheltenham festival, but I don't see anyone wanting to see that meeting stopped.

Not one horse died in this year's Grand National and one horse died over the three days of the meeting compared with six at Cheltenham.

Nobody likes to see horses killed or injured, but I'm afraid accidents happen. The Grand National brings millions of pounds into Liverpool's economy.

I would like Jennifer White to check and see how many horses have died at Cheltenham since 2000. I would not mind betting it comes to more than 40.

I get fed up with these bleeding-heart liberals wanting to put a stop to one of the greatest horse races in the world. HA Fairhurst, via email Support Brooke ON APRIL 16, 1931 - that's 87 years ago this week - Dorothy Brooke, the wife of a British cavalry officer, wrote to British newspaper The Morning Post.

She appealed to the British public to help the surviving war horses who had been sold into a life of hard labour in Egypt, after the conflict ended. These heroic horses served alongside British troops, only to become overworked walking skeletons abandoned far from home.

It is a testament to the power of letters like these that readers donated enough for Dorothy to buy back 5,000 forgotten war heroes. It led to the creation of Brooke, Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, the global charity we are today.

One hundred years on from the end of World War I, it's a shocking truth that horses, donkeys and mules still endure the harshest of lives in their service to mankind.

Millions struggle every day, their labour keeping poor families around the world out of poverty. To mark the World War I centenary, we have produced the Every Horse Remembered pin badge, available from This offers the perfect way to honour the horses of the past and present, and improve the lives of future generations.

Brooke is a legacy of the great war, and the British public are part of our history. Please help us create a better future for working horses, donkey and mules.

Petra Ingram, chief executive, Brooke Don't dilly-dally THE words "dilly-dilly" are utilised in a current TV ad.

Not dilly-dally, but dilly-dilly.

Musically, I find myself remembering the song Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly.

I think Dinah Shore recorded the ditty on the flip side of her hit Buttons and Bows, as of the late 1940s - and possibly 70 years ago this year.

Derek Jeffery, Heswall

The Grand National brings millions of pounds into Liverpool's economy. HA Fairhurst, via email


The new Royal hospital will not take in patients until 2019 (See letter, 'New Royal should have opened this year')

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Date:Apr 17, 2018
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