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Academics and practitioners from around the globe have long considered defense acquisition as a subject for serious scholarly research, and have published their findings not only in books, but also as Doctoral dissertations, Master's theses, and in peer-reviewed journals. Each issue of the Defense Acquisition Research Journal brings to the attention of the defense acquisition community a selection of current research that may prove of further interest.

These selections are curated by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Research Center and the Knowledge Repository. We present here only the author/title, abstract (where available), and a link to the resource. Both civilian government and military Defense Acquisition Workforce (DAW) readers will be able to access these resources on the DAU DAW Website: https:// Nongovernment DAW readers should be able to use their local knowledge management centers and libraries to download, borrow, or obtain copies. We regret that DAU cannot furnish downloads or copies.

We encourage our readers to submit suggestions for current research to be included in these notices. Please send the author/title, abstract (where available), a link to the resource, and a short write-up explaining its relevance to defense acquisition to: Managing Editor, Defense Acquisition Research Journal,

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Publication:Defense A R Journal
Date:Jul 1, 2018
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