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New Report Explores the NGN, VoIP & IPTV Markets in Australia.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of 2006 Australia - NGN, VoIP & IPTV to their offering.

Next Generation Networks (NGN) are a concept developed from Virtual Private Networks (VPN) in the voice market and Value Added Networks (VAN) in the data market. However, the true value of IP is that it becomes the core of Nextgen Networks which facilitate affordable triple play business models, seamlessly integrating voice, data and video. This report also covers:-

- NGN & IP Networks market overview and analysis

- VoIP - Statistical overview, analysis and projects

- IPTV regulations and developments

- Technology overview on IP, VoIP and VoD"

Abridged Table of Contents:


1.1 Market overview

1.1.1 Next Generation Networks (NGN)

1.1.2 IP - enhanced services

1.1.3 IP wholesale opportunities

1.1.4 Corporate Market

1.1.5 Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

1.1.6 Tips for successful video over IP

1.2 Market analysis

1.2.1 ACCC needs to facilitate NGN industry workgroup

1.2.2 Market Analysis - Mid 2006

1.2.3 Internet economy requires NGNs - now

1.2.4 IP Developments

1.2.5 Convergence, Telecoms and IT

1.3 Major players

1.3.1 The Australian NGN market

1.3.2 Major players


2.1 Statistical overview

2.1.1 ISPs push into voice market

2.1.2 VoIP good growth but no money

2.1.3 Switch to VoIP - survey 2006

2.1.4 Survey reveals businesses are unprepared for VoIP security threats

2.1.5 The ACCC on VoIP

2.1.6 Residential market

2.1.7 VoIP can slash phone bills by $500

2.1.8 Forecast from IDC - 2004/05

2.1.9 Managed network services

2.1.10 IT and telecoms no happy convergence

2.2 Market analyses

2.2.1 VoIP quality deteriorating, but who cares? I do!

2.2.2 Is there a strategy behind Telstra's bucket plan?

2.2.3 VoIP over-hyped

2.2.4 VoIP - a case of evolution, rather than revolution

2.2.5 Major battleground: SME market

2.2.6 Regulatory issues

2.3 Projects

2.3.1 AAPT

2.3.2 AT&T

2.3.3 Bigair - Business-grade VoIP

2.3.4 Broadband Phone

2.3.5 BroadIP

2.3.6 Clarinet

2.3.7 Country Energy - VoIP over BPL

2.3.8 engin - Broadband telephony

2.3.9 Freshtel, Firefly, WCG

2.3.10 iiNetphone

2.3.11 ISPhone

2.3.12 iVox carrier-grade VoIP wholesaler

2.3.13 Neighborhood Cable


2.3.15 Optus - Wholesale VoIP

2.3.16 PBA - VoiP over wireless

2.3.17 Pipe Networks - VoIP peering

2.3.18 PowerTel introduces wholesale VoIP business network

2.3.19 Primus Telecom

2.3.20 smartMeeting

2.3.21 SP Telemedia

2.3.22 TalkNet

2.3.23 Telecorp's VoIP over broadband

2.3.24 Telstra initiatives

2.3.25 Unwired and Freshtel - wireless VoIP

2.3.26 Australian VoIP Association (AVoIPA)


3.1 IPTV: Australia ain't America

3.2 Are you ready for the IPTV explosion?

3.3 Regulations

3.3.1 IPTV and unbundled local loop (ULL)

3.3.2 IPTV Content regulations?

3.3.3 Video streaming regulation

3.4 Movies Downloading

3.4.1 Starting with Video-on-Demand (VoD)

3.4.2 Primary target markets - statistics

3.5 IPTV developments

3.5.1 Introduction

3.5.2 Demand forecasts

3.5.3 Global perspective

3.6 Tips for successful video over IP

3.7 Key players (separate report)





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Date:Jan 12, 2007
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