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New Report Available: Confectionery Packaging in Sweden.

[USPRwire, Fri Nov 28 2014] The general trend started in 2011, when liquorice was used as an ingredient for the Nobel dinner. Excessive media attention followed and several other celebrity chefs joined the movement. The popularity also spread among consumers who participated in liquorice tastings, drank liquorice beer and went to festivals in homage to the black plant. In 2012 the first award for the best liquorice product was handed out and it was won by a chocolate-coated liquorice pastille. The trend is set to reach chocolate confectionery in 2013, when several of the leading brands launch new products with either liquorice or salty liquorice. Sweet chocolate blends well with the particular and versatile taste of liquorice.

Competitive Landscape

Kraft Foods Sverige AB is projected to count for a 38% share of retail value sales. The reason is its popular brand Marabou that is traditionally rooted in the minds of Swedish consumers. It has gained its prominent position through a wide range of products, where almost every single person can find a particular favourite. The range is continuously updated with new brand features, either if it concerns a new flavour or merely a redesign of the packaging. Some examples in 2012/13 are the successful launch of Starbar and a line extension combined with brand communication for Japp. By constantly attracting consumer interest through innovation, Kraft Foods can maintain its distance from Cloetta AB, which counts for 20% of total retail value sales.

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Industry Prospects

Increased amount of collaborations and brand extensions across different packaged food categories is expected from chocolate confectionery brands. Previously, movement into ice-cream been identifiable, where several brands entered into single portion dairy ice-cream. In late 2012, Fazer Konfektyr AB and Kraft Foods Sverige AB introduced Dumle and Daim flavoured "chocolate balls", respectively, together with bakery manufacturer Delicato Bakverk AB. Chocolate confectionery is a relatively mature market and the strategy is utilised to spread the particular flavours and thereby increase brand awareness.

Gum During 2013, a new study from the National Institute of Radiological Science in Japan spread in Swedish media. The research results showed that people who chewed gum had up to 10% higher reaction times. One example of a notable chewing gum consumer is Sir Alex Ferguson, being one of the most successful football managers of all time. Several theories behind the findings were discussed by prominent scientists, such as improved blood flow to the brain, or a stress relieving effect on the muscles. The health effects of chewing gum have previously been questioned and this news creates a positive buzz around the products.

Competitive Landscape

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Date:Nov 28, 2014
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