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New Report 'Making Change Stick - Management Focus Report' Takes Managers Through The Changes That Have Succeeded - And Failed - And Reveals Why.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Making Change Stick - Management Focus Report to their offering.

Most attempts at corporate change fail - but that hasn't stopped companies pursuing the holy grail of sustainable transformation.

The old model of 'unfreeze-move-refreeze' doesn't really cut it anymore - if it ever did. Recent cases show that companies can't make change stick by mimicking the generalisations of the latest guru and imposing a concept of change at odds with the company's values - especially if it overturns at a stroke time-honoured processes and systems. This report brings sanity to the change process; it

- explores the differences between 'sticky' and 'non-sticky' change

- presents change trends in increasingly complex organisations

- takes managers through the changes that have succeeded - and failed - and reveals why

More than a discussion on the 'all change' agenda, this report serves as a practical guide to managing sustainable change throughout organisations, offering both a greater understanding of how to align change with fundamental values, and an insight into how to win employee buy-in.

The report is dedicated to helping managers develop the softer skills in management. Insight, inspiration, solutions and knowledge in just 16 pages

This report brings you the latest management thinking in a concise and easy to read format. It is designed for busy managers to:

- gain knowledge

- benchmark best practice

- capture new ideas

- save time

The report is:

- Deeply researched: by a highly qualified team of researchers who have zeroed in on the theory and practice in the subject, drawing from hundreds of journals, books, reports and online sources

- Concise: 16 pages, written in a jargon-free Bulletpoint format for easy assimilation of ideas and concepts

- Practical: suggestions for action are backed up with best practice case studies, tips, checklists, surveys and examples

- Written by managers for managers: if you manage people these focus reports are an essential guide to resolving complex issues in the workplace


- Why Change Doesn't Stick

- Change Myths

- Sticky Change

- Change Leaders

- Change Managers

- Managing Resistance

- Cultural Transformation

- Communicating Change

- The Management Test

- References & Further Reading

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 16, 2007
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