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New Remediation Biotechnology for NAPL Sites.

Carus Corporation and The Adventus Group Form Partnership to Offer Innovative RemOx([R]) EC Stabilization Reagent Technology

PERU, Ill. -- Carus Corporation, the world's largest and only domestic manufacturer of permanganates, and The Adventus Group, an international environmental biotechnology firm, announced their collaboration to introduce RemOx([R]) EC Stabilization Reagent. Designed for hard-to-treat non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) sites, this innovative and cost-effective technology is ideal for manufactured gas plants, wood treating facilities, petroleum product refineries, and related sites impacted by organic constituents of interest (COI) as well as heavy metals. All global sales and distribution activities will be channeled through Carus Chemical's Hazardous Remediation Team, headed by Matthew Dingens.

How it works

RemOx([R]) EC in situ biogeochemical stabilization entails the use of modified permanganate solutions for the purposes of mass removal and flux reduction (i.e., NAPL stabilization). As the oxidant migrates through the treatment area, various (bio)geochemical reactions destroy the targeted compounds present in the dissolved phase. This causes a "hardening" or "chemical weathering" of the NAPL as it steadily loses its more labile components. This causes a net increase in viscosity of the organic material, which yields a more stable, recalcitrant residual mass. In addition, the insoluble MnO2 precipitate that results from catalyzed permanganate oxidation will accumulate along the NAPL interface, physically coating it and thereby reducing the flux of dissolved-phase COI into the groundwater.

The firms summarized key benefits of using RemOx([R]) EC for sites impacted by hard-to-treat NAPLs as:

* Rapid source stabilization

* Dramatically reduced source flux

* High compatibility with natural attenuation technologies

* Half the historical cost of current conventional alternatives

"When Dr. Carus founded this company in 1915, he fostered a commitment to provide innovative products and services for our customers which are designed to help them meet or exceed their business objectives. The Adventus Group's similar mission and complementary remediation biotechnologies led to this exciting collaboration," Inga Carus, president and CEO of Carus Corporation. "The pricing models have indicated outstanding value, with RemOx([R]) EC being a very competitive alternative for NAPL type situations, where, for example, thermal destruction can range from $300 to $500/m3, and ISCO can approach the same. We are confident clients around the world will be taking a close look at this alternative. On behalf of the associates at Carus, we welcome this chance to work with Adventus and are confident this strategic relationship will result in considerable improvements to our environment."

According to Jim Mueller, president of Adventus Americas Inc., "We have identified a wide variety of industries, regulators, and reputable consultancies that are currently considering this option to proactively address NAPL concerns throughout the world. Large-scale field trials in Alabama, Florida, Colorado and Europe are in various stages of operation. Our scientists and engineers continue to work with various MGP owners and their consultants to implement the RemOx([R]) EC technology in this important market sector. We look forward to pursuing the many market opportunities this strategic partnership with Carus will produce."

About The Adventus Group

The Adventus Group provides a growing portfolio of leading environmental remediation technologies, including patented offerings from Adventus Americas Inc., and EnviroMetal Technologies Inc. Our business model supports site owners, environmental engineers, and diverse consulting professionals by providing unbiased design, and selection of the most cost-effective remediation strategies.

Adventus provides biotechnology-based remedial solutions that effectively manage complex, challenging environmental liabilities, while saving our clients significant time and money. Our technically superior remedial solutions are proven to treat a wide range of organic contaminants by accelerating their natural attenuation in soil, sediment and groundwater.

Adventus exclusively offers DARAMEND[R], EHC[TM] and related ZVI technologies for In Situ Chemical Reduction (ISCR) along with TERRAMEND[R], AQUABLOK+[TM], EHC-O[TM], O-Sox[TM], and mGCW-R[TM] systems to address myriad soil, sediment and groundwater impacts. Our world-class technical team is a clearly recognized industry leader. Since its inception in 2003, Adventus as successfully deployed field installations at over 200 sites in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The Adventus family of companies is always seeking strategic partnerships with complementary remediation biotechnologies, and qualified international licensees in numerous countries. For more information contact Michael Mueller at or visit us online at or

About Carus Corporation

Carus Corporation is the world's largest manufacturer of potassium permanganate. During its more than 90-year history, Carus' ongoing emphasis on research and development, technical support, and customer service, has enabled the company to become the world leader in permanganate, manganese oxidation, and catalyst technologies.

A strategy of expansion was adopted in the 1990's when Carus acquired Technical Products Corporation (TPC) in 1997 and The Kjell Corporation in 1998. In 2000, Carus acquired the permanganate business of Industrial Quimica del Nalon (IQN) of Oviedo, Spain. This acquisition represented Carus' commitment to develop the potassium permanganate market in Europe, and was an important step to help expand the European market for potassium permanganate.

Today, Carus Corporation manufactures a wide range of products for municipal, industrial, and environmental markets (i.e. water treatment and air purification) -- with the majority used in environmental applications. Products include CAIROX([R]) and AQUOX([R]) potassium permanganate, LIQUOX([R]) sodium permanganate, RemOx([R]) ISCO Reagents (remediation grade permanganates), CARULITE([R]) catalysts, and a complete line of corrosion control products including AQUA MAG([R]), TPC([R]), and VIRCHEM([R]).

For more information, contact the Hazardous Remediation Team at 800.435.6856 or visit us online at
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