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Borderlands 2 Platform: Xbox 360. Price: PS36.99 No one saw the original Borderlands coming. Blasting out of Pandora and into your living room like a rowdy gatecrasher at a Christmas party, this brash but beautiful action RPG quickly found its way into the hearts of gamers who like nothing more than staring down the barrel of a gun, finding the most amusing way of despatching every enemy in sight and then picking up all their wonderful loot.

The second outing, set immediately after the first, delivers more of the same, but with some welcome improvements to the skills and weapon customisation areas, which would have been where most fans were hoping development time had been spent. Presentation has been taking on another notch or two and the position of the myriad menus and maps have all been reconsidered to deliver a much more accessible experience of this brilliantly conceived world. Don't miss the opportunity to dive back in ... you'll laugh out loud, loot to your heart's content and realise that, when the main game is over, you're more than willing to go back and do it all again.

F1 2012 Platform: PS3. Price: PS37.99 The excitement felt ahead of the annual release of the latest F1 game can often be tempered by a worry that it won't quite reach the dizzy heights of the previous release, and feel more like a yearly grab for cash from racing enthusiasts than a genuine advancement of the franchise and genre as a whole. But relax into your driver's cockpit, F1 2012 is brilliant game, building on the detail, sophistication and sheer speed of previous iterations to deliver the ultimate race experience. Boasting a learning curve that could conservatively be described as "very challenging", this is a game that rewards those players who are willing to put in the hours of training and tactical tweaking. This is right from the off, too, as the Young Driver Test takes you through all elements of the controls for the best part of an hour out in Abu Dhabi. It's a great refresher for seasoned pros and absolutely essential for beginners. Then entering the Proving Grounds and Champions Modes, you'll discover that this is an F1 fan's dream ... the most authentic racing title money can buy, and an engrossing millionaire's playground that Codemasters has once again meticulously crafted in order to cruise past the chequered flag.

LittleBigPlanet Platform: PS Vita.

Price: PS28.99 The LittleBigPlanet series has been slinging Sackboy and his pals around self-constructed platforming playspaces for a few years now, but this PS Vita release has thrown fans of the games into a frenzy, as the handheld device's unique touch-control system fuses with the amazing fantasy world for the first time. The intricate and intuitive touch controls enhance every level build and bring boss fights to your fingertips, such is the incredibly responsive nature of how your small actions create brilliant reactions on screen. The main adventure hasn't lost any of its charm, packed with luscious levels across five worlds, as you must save Carnivalia from the evil Puppeteer.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2012
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