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New Radius Graphics Accelerators Transform Macintosh and Power Macintosh Computers into Powerful Graphics Workstations; Thunder IV GX Series and Thunder 24 GT Cards Offer Fastest, High-Resolution Graphics Acceleration Available.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 4, 1995--Radius Inc. (NASDAQ:RDUS) Wednesday announced the Thunder IV GX series and Thunder/24 GT graphics accelerator cards, the fastest, highest resolution accelerated graphics interface available for the Apple Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers.

Consisting of four different models, the Thunder family of graphics accelerators is a series of 7-inch NuBus cards that combine the best technology of both Radius and SuperMac to provide creative professionals with greater functionality and maximum productivity.

The Thunder series' broad feature set offers the highest price/performance values in one line of products. Combined with the fastest photo-realistic graphics acceleration available, the family of cards includes a built-in PhotoEngine Photoshop accelerator daughtercard, ColorComposer color matching software and Dynamic Desktop software to provide the most comprehensive graphics acceleration feature set available on one card.

"Our new Thunder series brings more power to the Macintosh and Power Macintosh platform by combining the most cutting-edge technologies available, in a fully integrated, small form factor solution," said Chuck Berger, chairman and CEO of Radius. "These new products deliver greater performance and higher functionality in areas critical to creative professionals and can easily pay for themselves in increased productivity in a matter of days or weeks."

Speed and Performance Provide Unparalleled Return on Investment

The new Thunder series offers the highest resolution available with fast acceleration of many time-consuming operations, such as those in Photoshop, that are critical to creative professionals.

 Performance Analysis
Resolution Thunder Series Power Mac 8100/80
 (4MB) Built-in
Total number 1.92 million 1.00 million 92% more information
of pixels (1600x1200) (1152x870) onscreen with
 Super Resolution.
Photoshop image A full size Less than 3" Without Super
viewed at 1:1 4" x 5" x 4" of the Resolution,
zoom factor transparency 4" x 5" user must scroll
 is visible transparency to work at 1:1 or
 onscreen at is visible at else zoom out to
 300 dpi 300 dpi see an entire
 transparency. But
 Photoshop discards
 information when
 it zooms out
 making it preferable
 to work at 1:1.
Quark Xpress 21.8" x 15.5" 15.5 x 11.0" at With Super
document with at Actual Size Actual Size Resolution, facing
rulers visible spreads are easily
 visible at several
 page sizes, with
 room to spare
 outside the margins.
 Without Super
 Resolution, even
 facing a4 pages
 are cropped at
 actual size.
Excel 20 columns x 14 columns x 58 More than twice
spreadsheet 84 rows = 1680 rows = 812 cells as many (868)
 cells cells viewable.
 (Font = Geneva 10,
 column width = 10,
 row height = 13)
Acrobat "Fit Page" "Fit Page" view Documents are
document view at 186% at 130% of actual easier to read
 of actual size size with more

24-bit Graphics

Photoshop line- 4.6 seconds 19.8 seconds 4.3 times faster by-line scroll

Photoshop Functions
MacBench 1:1 21.5 seconds 39.6 seconds Radius 1.8 times
Video Mix faster
Gaussian Blur 14 seconds 64 seconds Radius 4.6 times
r=2 faster
Unsharp Mask 16 seconds 68 seconds Radius 4.3 times
100/2/0 faster
Image Resize 17 seconds 38 seconds Radius 2.2 times
90% faster
Arbitrary 32 seconds 56 seconds Radius 1.8 times
Rotate 13 faster

degrees CW
Hydra 2.1 1 tick 17 ticks Radius 17 times
Copy Bits faster
CMYK Screen 1.8 seconds 3.0 seconds Radius 1.7 times
Redraw faster

Photoshop tests: 18MB RGB image (24MB image for CMYK scrolling test) with Photoshop 3.0 and a 100 MB RAM partition. Scrolling tests at 1152 x 870 x 24 bits. -0-

Fastest Photoshop Acceleration Available

With four AT&T 32-bit DSPs, the Thunder family offers the same fast Photoshop acceleration previously only offered by Radius' highly acclaimed PhotoEngine Photoshop accelerator. By incorporating PhotoEngine technology into the Thunder series of cards, users gain Adobe-charged Photoshop acceleration for resamples, filters, mode conversions, and onscreen graphics acceleration for display of Photoshop CMYK images.

PhotoEngine also provides increased productivity to creative professionals that work primarily in the printing industry's CMYK color space right from their display. Those who work with detailed images can operate directly in CMYK format without the performance degradation associated with display redraw of Photoshop CMYK images.

In addition to the acceleration of other functions such as filtering and resampling, this feature will allow users to spend more time exploring their creative options.

Color Matching Made Easy With ColorComposer

Radius' color matching software, ColorComposer, is bundled with the new Thunder cards. ColorComposer enables users to match their display's appearance to other displays in their work group or even to various color printers. ColorComposer ships with a printer reference file showing numerous color patterns.

Users may print the file, then adjust the color patterns on-screen until they match the print out. This works for any display/printer combination, and is a form of "perceptual color matching," as close a match as the user's eye can distinguish.

ColorComposer also offers simple control over white point settings, a critical component to matching the white color of paper, which varies widely from the yellow tones of newsprint to the bright white of laser printer paper. Included as part of ColorComposer's Basic Tools are on-the-fly adjustment of the display white point, image linearity (display gamma settings) and image balance.

A filing system allows the user to save any number of configurations for matching colors in different lighting environments and for matching multiple color displays or printers.

Another unique feature of ColorComposer is The Matching Game - an easy-to-use tutorial that displays a sequence of random colors that the user has to try to match on screen. The game offers a unique and fun way to teach basic color concepts to people just getting started using color.

Radius Super Resolution

Radius' Super Resolution of 1600 x 1200, available in 24-bit mode on the GX 1600 model (all models support 1600 x 1200 x 8-bit), nearly doubles the maximum built-in video resolution of 1152 x 870 available on some high-end Macintosh and Power Macintosh systems. Super Resolution displays 92 percent more pixels which provides creative professionals with the greatest image detail, smoother graphics and maximum desktop area available on the Macintosh today.

Super Resolution will dramatically enhance the professional's view of intricate Quark, Illustrator, Acrobat and Freehand documents. The Super Resolution feature of the Thunder series is designed to complement Radius' line of high resolution monitors, the PressView 21 T and SuperMatch 21 T XL.

The combination of these products results in the ultimate color desktop solution that delivers the fastest drawing speed, greater desktop workspace, and accurate color matching for greater performance and productivity.

On-the-Fly Resolution Control with Dynamic Desktop

Bundled with the Thunder series, Radius' Dynamic Desktop software enables users to change resolution and bit-depth on the fly without having to reboot or re-launch applications. The easy-to-use pull-down menu and hot keys option, allows creative professionals to navigate quickly and easily through complex documents and images using the hardware pan and zoom function.

Price and Availability

Continually offering customers the best in image processing technology, Radius designed the Thunder series to offer a powerful selection to meet every user's needs. The series is made up of the following cards:
 24-bit Maximum 8-bit Maximum PhotoEngine
Model Resolution Resolution Technology SRP
Thunder IV 1600 x 1200 1600 x 1200 Included $3,699

GX 1600

Thunder IV 1360 x 1024 1600 x 1200 Included $2,999

GX 1360

Thunder IV 1152 x 870 1600 x 1200 Included $2,499

GX 1152

Thunder/24 1152 x 870 1600 x 1200 Optional $1,749

Helping Customers Stay Productive

 For product and dealer information, customers in the United
States and Canada may call 800/227-2795 and international customers
may call 408/541-6100. For information via Radius' fax information
system, customers may call 800/966-7360 in the United States and
Canada and international customers may call 408/955-1556.
 Radius Inc. delivers extended computer system performance,
faster graphics, the highest-quality digital video, and enhanced
viewing and display products to leading-edge computer users in the
publishing, graphics, video, and education markets. The company's
products are available through a worldwide network of Radius
authorized resellers, system integrators and distributors.

 Note to Editors: Radius, PhotoEngine, PressView, SuperMatch,
ColorComposer and Thunder are trademarks or service marks of Radius
Inc., and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

CONTACT: Radius Inc.
 Dina Toothman, 408/541-5290
 A&R Partners
 Morgan Littlefield, 415/363-0982
COPYRIGHT 1995 Business Wire
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
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Date:Jan 4, 1995
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