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New Quality Course, Special Programs Featured At Fall Institute.

The stage is set for the debut of two specialty programs and an innovative course that takes quality management to challenging new levels during ACPE's Fall Institute in Tucson, November 10-16.

For senior level physician leaders, the "Executive Leadership Focus" will include new insights on:

* Increasing profits

* Generating community support for health care organizations

* Improving communication skills

Speakers include Swedish-American Health System president Dr. Robert Klint, PriceWaterhouseCoopers' Gary Garbrecht and Shelley Bobbitt, ACPE president Dr. Martin Hickey, and career consulting expert Barbara Linney.

As an added bonus, physician executive recruiters will answer questions during a panel discussion and then be accessible one-on-one at a recruiter fair and reception. Attendees are invited to bring copies of their resumes to distribute to the physician executive recruiters.

A second specialty course, "The Physician Executive in Top Management: Taking the Steps to Become a CEO," is a daring new program that offers participants a behind the scenes look at the physician CEO's world.

For the first time, you'll hear health care leaders cover topics like:

* The demand for physician CEOs and the skills they need

* A CEO's real-life issues and challenges

* How to move from CMO to CEO

* The career steps required to reach the top

* Finally, for physicians who completed ACPE's "Three Faces of Quality" or a comparable introductory course, there's "Advanced Applications in Quality Management: Applying Principles and Achieving Outcomes."

This new course combines interactive distance learning with live instruction to enable physicians to work on real quality management issues challenging their organizations. Participants will be engaged in coursework for eight weeks, with only two-and-a-half days away from the office for the live program at the Fall Institute.
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