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New Products.

SLA assurance

INTERNET SERVICE ASSURANCE SOLUTION provides real-time, end-to-end monitoring of corporate Internet infrastructure performance, a continuous view of the customer experience, with minute-by-minute business results, proactive warnings of problems and automated reports that prove QoS. Firehunter has expanded network service capabilities to enable service providers and enterprises to measure and report on the performance of entire networks, from customer sites through network backbones to customers or applications. Customer-specific service-level agreements (SLAs) can be verified for companies entrusting business-critical services to the Internet. The new network service management capabilities simplify network analysis by graphically correlating end-to-end measurements. This enables continuous evaluation of key performance indicators, verification of service levels, identification of potential bottlenecks, and graphical reports on SLA compliance. Firehunter's transaction test capabilities quickly and easily measure availability and customer response times of the most important areas of an e-commerce site, including outside component operations, such as catalog look-up and credit verification.--Agilent Technologies

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Remote system monitoring

REMOTE MANAGEMENT APPLIANCE. The DarkSite remote management appliance for servers is a platform-independent management tool that monitors the health of servers and notifies users of potential problems before they cause an application to fail. DarkSite allows the user to select which hardware and software systems are monitored and how users will be contacted. DarkSite is actually an embedded computer system, complete with its own operating system and an exclusive server management software application. It functions independently from the host system, using only an ISA or PCI slot for power--so it is at home in any brand of server. Sensors on the system can monitor temperature, fan rotation and power in the host system. Additionally, DarkSite can keep an eye on the status of a server's resources. Installing a small OS agent will allow DarkSite to monitor the host system's CPU, RAM, disk drives and network connections. Communicating with DarkSite is performed via an embedded ethernet adapter and serial ports. DarkSite is able to send SNMP traps and alarms to any e-mail address, and wireless alert messages to any PDA, pager or cellular telephone.-Crystal Group

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Call accounting

IMPROVE EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY, enhance network security, optimize trunk resources, prevent telephone call abuse, and control, allocate and recover telecom costs. Telemate Call Accounting hosts new features to give enterprises complete control over how their phone systems are utilized. Users now have the option of creating an event in the scheduler to import directory data at regular intervals. Additional new features include: security rights that can be assigned to specific individuals within a group; the login and password that the product uses to access the SQL database can be changed by administrators; faster report loading; and the option of deleting an entire organization from the top down in the directory component. Also new is the ability to select the number of addresses displayed at one time. Depending on whether the station accessing the information is on a LAN or WAN, fewer records can be displayed at once for faster loading.-Telemate. Net Software

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Dual Gigabit Ethernet

ACTIVE DUAL PORT GIGABIT ETHERNET NETWORK INTERFACE CARDS save scarce card slots. The Dual Port Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for both copper and fiber offers dual-homing failover from a single NIC. New drivers for the dual port cards will now activate both ports, allowing users to access two network connections from a single expansion slot--conserving slot capacity. The adapters support TCP/IP checksum hardware offloading, auto-negotiation/ autosensing, dual voltage, jumbo frame support and dynamic interrupt moderation. If a connecting port does not support autonegotiation, the adapter has a unique autosensing feature that will default to full duplex. The cards also contain one megabit of onboard RAM, and feature onboard voltage and temperature sensors.-SysKonnect

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Network emulator

IMPAIR AND MODIFY IP PACKETS in a controllable and repeatable lab setting. The PacketStorm2600E IP Network Emulator is targeted at higher speed applications requiring network interfaces, such as OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet. In addition, the emulator has the throughput capacity to handle multiple applications with the following interfaces: 10/100 ethernet, T-1/E-1, DS3, E3, OC-3, OC-12, and Gigabit Ethernet. Any network model can be reproduced, including those models that change with traffic, time or the traffic behavior of another traffic flow. The PacketStorm2600E provides Layer 2 impairments and Layer 3 modifiers for real-time applications over IP networks. The emulator network impairments include delay, jitter, drop (random, periodic or burst), duplicate, reorder, bandwidth throttle, fragment (random or MTU) and packet discard. The emulator modifiers change packet header fields, including source address, destination address, ToS, DSCP, TTL, protocol, transport checksum, network checksum, source port and destination port.--PacketStorm Communications

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Remote access encryption

ISDN ENCRYPTORS for applications, including remote computing, videoconferencing, and LAN-to-LAN communications. The single BRI ISDN solution can encrypt a telecommuter's RAS connections and other low-bandwidth telecommunications links, and supports speeds of up to 128 kbps. The PRI ISDN solution is designed for securing corporate PBX system communications and other large-scale, bandwidth-hungry applications and encrypts at rates of up to 2 Mbps (E-1) and 1.5 Mbps (T-1). The encryptors will be managed in a later release of Cylink's PrivaCy Manager, a Java-based security management platform that provides central control of all Cylink encryption appliances, including its NetHawk VPN product, to enable remote diagnostics and prevent spoofing and eavesdropping.-Cylink

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