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New Products.


Komatsu America International Company

The PC95R-2 is an upgraded, 10-ton, compact excavator that is designed for utility, housing development and swimming pool contractors that work in confined spaces and require an excavator that can dig outside the area of its tracks. The excavator is powered by an 82.5-horsepower Komatsu 4D106-1FB direct-injection engine. A seven-foot, seven-inch arm provides a maximum digging depth of 14 feet, seven inches, and a digging reach of 23 feet, 10 inches. The bucket has a capacity of .24 to .56 cubic yards. Info 211

EST Group

Expansion Seal Technologies new GripTight PE test plug allows pressure users to test PE pipe in minutes instead of hours, significantly reducing downtime and lowering installation costs. The new plug can be installed quickly and easily. It is simply slipped over the ends of the pipe and tightened by hand. Unlike conventional plugs that must be heated and fused in place, no special tools are required. The plug is designed to permit testing at two times working pressure and uses line pressure to seal more tightly to the pipe's inner diameter for a secure, leak-proof seal. Info 212

American Augers

The American Directional Drill MCM-4000 is a mud mixing and cleaning machine that offers wide compatibility with any brand of directional drill to clean and recycle bentonite drilling fluid; while providing the same benefits of reduced mud use, longer component life and reduced disposal cost. The MCM-4000 can process up to 400 gpm, and its larger tanks can process and hold more mud to keep up with popular drills in the 50,000 to 80,000 lb class. Using linear motion shakers to separate sand, grit and other solids from drilling mud, screens can be angled uphill to precisely control how long the return fluids stay on the screen while providing drillers with the control they need to remove moisture for the driest discharge. A variety of shaker screens in different mesh sizes are available to match drilling conditions. MCM-4000 tanks hold 4,000 gallons of fluid. One tank, positioned beneath a linear shaker screen, accepts returned mud while the other tank stores cleaned drilling mud, and can be used to mix additional bentonite. Mud in the second tank is sent to a mud pump that can be integral with, or separate from, the directional drill rig. MCM-4000 machines use a new "four shear point" venturi mud-mixing system to ensure uniform mixing, without the clumps that can plug filters and valves. Info 350

Ditch Witch

The new S8B trailer is designed to efficiently transport Ditch Witch underground construction equipment weighing up to 5,660 lbs. It's tilt-bed design facilitates loading and unloading. The single-axle trailer's frame is constructed of rugged structural steel for dependable service. Other features include a torsion axle, providing independent suspension for each wheel; electric brakes; wooden deck; shock-mounted, sealed-beam light; breakaway wiring harness junction box, and storage trays, vibratory plow blades, supplies and tools. Accessories include a damper cylinder to cushion the bed during loading and unloading, and street pads to reduce damage to paved surfaces. The S8B can be equipped with a ball or lunette couplers. Info 213

Daewoo Heavy Industries American Corp.

The Mega 160 wheel loader is optimal for smaller, tighter jobs. With a bucket capacity of 2.1 cubic yards and an operating weight of 19,220 lbs, the Mega 160 utilizes a number of advanced features to enhance its performance and the operator's comfort. These include wider visibility due to new pillarless front windows and larger glass on the sides; lower operator noise due to a flexible rubber mounting system; a reinforced cab-mounting structure and a thicker floor plate. Improved hydraulics and minimized T/M gear-shift shock provides greater controllability. Increased machine stability also improves digging performance. The Mega 160 is powered with Daewoo-built diesel engines matched to each unit's hydraulics for optimum performance with high fuel efficiency. Info 214

Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp.

The Super EX230-5 excavator, the Dash-5 redesign of Hitachi's field-proven EX220 was recently introduced as a heavier, more powerful model, with more lifting capacity. At the heart of the Super EX230-5 is an advanced E-P hydraulic control system. It provides impressive versatility, allowing a wide variety of operations, such as digging, grading, finishing and materials handling with power and speed. Smooth multi-function operations and enhanced controllability, combined with an extremely comfortable cab, greatly increase machine productivity and enhance operator effectiveness. Traction force has been increased by 6 percent and grading speed by 15 percent. Four work modes enable the operator to select the best combination of hydraulic flow and swing/boom priority for the job. A large rotary rpm dial makes it easy to fine-tune engine output, using any of three power modes. The standard mode yields a maximum 156-hp. The high power mode boosts function speeds whenever the arm-in function meets resistance by increasing engine rpm 6.25percent and providing 168 hp to maximize pump output. The E mode is utilized in light-duty applications. The cab, measuring at 66x40, floats on six fluid-filled elastic mounts, and has a fully adjustable suspension seat. All controls are logically grouped and easy to read, even in bright sunlight. Info 218

StraightLine Manufacturing

The Typhoon mud mixer is a stand-alone, 9 hp Honda-powered unit designed to increase the production of any drilling system on the market. Mixing at 250 gpm with 28 inches of vacuum, clogging is practically eliminated. Typhoon will turn over a 500-gallon tank in two minutes as bentonite powder is literally inhaled out of the storage hopper. The well-mixed mud will not clog the pump and it prepares the hole for a quicker, easier pullback. Info 216

Melroe Ingersoll-Rand

The Bobcat 864 Compact Track Loader is a big performer in challenging ground surface and terrain conditions and features a dedicated track system for improved flotation, traction and maneuverability. Two tracking widths are available -- 12 in and 18 in. The 12-inch track provides better traction for general digging and excavating applications, and the 18-inch track provides improved flotation in soft ground conditions. The 864's unique lower transmission design allows for more that 11 inches of center ground clearance. A powerful 73.5 hp turbo-charged diesel engine, along with two high torque hydrostatic motors, drives the Bobcat 864. Info 217

Woods Equipment Company

The Groundbreaker series backhoes feature ductile cast iron components, solid cast iron bucket guide links, reversible stabilizer pads and tough Gannon buckets designed for rugged construction applications. The easy walk-through design is available in 78-, 90- and 108-inch digging depths. Info 215

Godwin Pumps of America

In February, Godwin unveiled its new Quiet-Pac Dri-Prime pump. With a sound level of less than 74 dba at 30 feet, the Quiet-Pac Dri-Prime is designed for applications where the environment dictates minimal noise during pumping. The pump has been proven in municipal sewer bypass, municipal sewer pumping station and potable water booster pumping applications with maximum flow rates up to 1750 gpm, total dynamic heads up to 165 ft and solids handling up to three inches. The specially designed, acoustically-silenced enclosure of the Quiet-Pac DriPrime pump houses the Godwin six inch CD150M self-priming pump. Three hinged, lockable doors provide access to the operating controls and service locations. A hospital muffler further reduces operating noise. Info 223


Featuring exceptional engine power and centrifugal force, the STOW VPC75 and VPC85 single-direction plate compactors are capable of handling a variety of soil compaction and asphalt patching applications. Powered by a 4-hp Honda GX-120 engine, the VPC75 exerts 2,248-lbs of centrifugal force. The larger VPC85, with a 5.5-hp Honda GX-160 engine, exerts 3,372-lbs of centrifugal force. Both compactors offer frequencies of 5,400 vibrations per minute. Engines on the VPC75 and VPC85 have maintenance-free transistor ignitions, automatic low oil level shutdown and recoil starters. Both plate compactors feature rugged, wear-resistant base plates with reinforced edges to increase durability and minimize maintenance. Lifetime lubricated vibration bearings further minimize service. An optional water sprinkler system, constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic, allows the units to accommodate asphalt patching applications. Easily installed, the water sprinkler system offers a large port opening to simplify filling and a 2.6-gallon capacity to minimize refills. Storage and transport are simplified by a folding, removable handle; lifting bar; and easy-to-reach lifting handles. A fully-enclosed V-belt increases operator safety and maximizes belt protection. Info 224

SubSurface Instruments, Inc.

The ML-1 and ML-1M magnetic locators were designed with the surveyor in mind and feature easy, one-hand operation, keypad switches, and weigh only two pounds. The ML-1M is a digital metered version that adds features and value without complexity. Both units ship in a softpack carrying case. Info 225

New BoreMaker HDD Motors Deliver Increased Field Performance

BoreMaker motors, an innovative new line from Intedyne, L.L.C., are proving themselves in the field. Operating in blue limestone and cobble near Dalton, GA. Contractor Pro Bore Inc. of Mableton, GA, was able to complete their pilot bore using a 2 7/8-inch Intedyne BoreMaker HDD motor with a 1.75 degree bend turning a 4 3/4-inch rock bit. The BoreMaker motor substantially reduced equipment repair costs.

BoreMaker is a complete series of low-flow horizontal directional drilling motors for the utility industry. The superior performance of these positive displacement HDD motors is derived from their proprietary power sections that deliver maximum power to the bit through a patented, sealed bearing assembly which reduces pressure loss across the tool.

Because the BoreMaker motors deliver higher torque at lower flow rates, they create new opportunities for contractors by enabling them to drill in hard formations with smaller rigs. Additional advantages that also improve profitability are longer service life, lower maintenance costs and less down time. Info 226


Models 236 and 246 skid steer loaders have rated capacities of 1,750 lbs and 2,000 lbs respectively. The wide entrance, created by using twin tilt cylinder on the loader linkage, combined with properly placed grab irons and steps makes it easy to get into and out of a Cat skid steer loader. High engine horse-power and torque allow the operator to run a machine at part throttle. The rear engine door opens 90 degrees and the radiator/hydraulic oil cooler is mounted overhead and tilts up for easy access to components. Sight gauges aid fluid checks, and all filters are vertically mounted for quick, clean, spill-free routine maintenance. The pilot-operated joystick controls make the machines easy to operate for the inexperienced operator. A mechanical quick coupler makes work tool changes fast and easy. The hydrostatic transmission optimizes the hydraulic/rimpull match and the exclusive anti-stall device minimizes engine stall while lugging. Info 227

Spectra Precision

Spectra Precision offers the only line of contractor total stations available with a removable keyboard that also is a data collector. The Constructor series also comes with an expanded internal memory; a battery status indicator; new readout and distance readout in feet and inches, tenths, and hundredths, and metric; and a wide range of total station accessories. Info 228

Stone Construction Equipment, Inc.

The Snap-Tek plug-in system, featured on the Bulldog trench rollers, allows for the easy conversion of a manual unit to a radio-frequency remote by plugging in the receiver and antenna. The system is located behind the onboard diagnostics for quick-change capabilities to all electronic components. The solid-state electronics, contained in a waterproof, encapsulated, printed circuit board displays operating status readouts for the hour meter, rpms, battery voltage, e-stop, low voltage, tilt, low oil pressure and high engine temperature. The encapsulated board can be replaced as easily as the junction box, and all the Bulldog electrical components, with the Snap-Tek connections. Snap-Tek diagnostic test ports allow for pressure readings to aid in hydraulic troubleshooting. Info 233

RWF Industries

The BRON 150FLT is a compact fireline tractor designed for maximum draw-bar pull and high manoeuverability through heavy brush. The BRON150 FLT features a powerful Cummins Caterpillar 200 hp diesel powertrain; 90-in track widths; hydrostatic two-speed drive; responsive, hands-on controls; and an independent variable track speed. Options include a forestry package, plow, winch and `V' blade, and a six-way blade or straight-and-tilt blade. Info 234

Melfred Borzall Inc.

Monitoring the reamer location during the back-reaming process lowers the risk of damage to existing utilities. Melfred Borzall offers an easy way to connect a reamer to the housing for tracking during pullback. Using Borzall's sideload transmitter housing with a removable tail-piece and an adapter, contractors can build the tool that will keep them ahead of the game. Adding a Bolt-on Bit Body transforms the housing into a standard directional drill head. This setup is available for most directional drill rig models. Complete packages start at under $1,700 and include a transmitter housing, tailpiece and adapter. Info 235

Kenco Corp.

Kenco recently introduced its hydraulic universal connector. When mounted to an excavator, the hydraulic universal connector allows for hands-free changing of attachments. Movement is reduced as constant pressure is applied to the locking cylinder, and the wedge lock is activated using the existing bucket cylinder hydraulics. The universal design allows for interchangeability for all brands of excavators from 15-50 tons. Info 236

Stone Bulldog Remote Offers Safety In The Trenches

The Stone Construction Equipment Inc. Bulldog Trench Roller's Snap-Tek remote control system provides for state-of-the-art radio frequency remote operation of the compactor. The water-proof, Snap-Tek remote receiver and antenna can be plugged in a manual machine to convert it to remote operation. In the remote mode, the control has a 100-foot working range so the operator can safely control the Bulldog compactor from outside the trench. The lightweight transmitter fits in the palm of your hand and features remote start/stop, on/off as well as directional controls and vibration.

This state-of-the-art radio-frequency design requires no line of sight. The signal delivers 360-degree transmission, is unaffected by bright sunlight, and is totally sealed from dust, dirt and other environmental interference. The system consists of a vibration-proof, plug-in receiver and hand-held transmitter, powered by two standard AA batteries. The lightweight transmitter has a built-in antenna and its higher frequene is unaffected by job site interference. Once the Snap-Tek remote connections are plugged in, the system has the flexibility of running in two modes - manual or remote.

Give the remote transmitter to a backhoe operator and save labor costs. The operator can backfill and compact the trench from the cab, eliminating an additional operator on the job. Info 237

Komatsu Introduces New Power Shift Backhoe Loaders

Komatsu Utility Corporation continues to expand its line of products with two new backhoe loaders: the WB14OPS-2 and the WB15OPS-2. These two models feature Komatsu's new power shift transmission, Electronic Gear Management (EGM) and anti-theft mode for greater performance and versatility.

The new power shift transmission is electronically controlled with four forward and three reverse gears, and can reach a top speed of 25 mph. The operator can switch driving direction and gears during operation without power interruption or disengaging the machine.

"These new backhoe loaders are ideal for digging or loading applications when the front loader or long distance travel require continual gear changes," says Hank Yasuhara, Komatsu director of product marketing.

When the operation, condition or individual needs change, the operator can customize the gear selection to either automatic or manual mode by using two buttons near the steering wheel. Another button (kick down), located on the handle of the loader control 1st and 2nd lever, allows and gear to be selected without using the gear controls.

The EGM controls are positioned on the left of the steering wheel and have been designed to allow the operator to perform all functions without having to take his hands off the wheel. The special microprocessor fitted in the EGM not only manages the commands sent to the transmission, but also offers other important functions such as; system self-diagnostics, automatic connection/disconnection of the 4-wheel drive and activation of the anti-theft alarm using a PIN code.

Finally, the power and efficiency of the power shift transmission is increased by the use of heavy-duty type axles with planetary hub reductions and electrohydraulically operated differential lock. Maximum operator safety is achieved by the superior braking system and the oil immersed multidisc brakes can be independently operated by utilizing either foot pedal.

The WB14OPS-2 is 16,600 pounds, and 86 hp, with a maximum digging depth of 14 feet, 6 inches (with a standard arm), while the WB15OPS-2 is 17,394 pounds and 98 hp, with a maximum digging depth of 15 feet, 6 inches (with a standard arm). Info 242
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