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New Products.


Number Cruncher Clamp

PHD releases its Series PNC Number Cruncher Clamp. This pneumatically-powered actuator provides a solution for stamping numbers into metals, says the company. It uses 6,000 pounds of grip force at 80 psi to effectively stamp dates and shift and model numbers into 0 to 3 mm panel thickness used in a variety of automated sheet metal applications. Contact PHD, Inc., PO. Box 9070, Fort Wayne, Ind. 46899. 800-624-8511

Brushless Rotary Servo Motors

MFM Rotary Servos delivers torque (up to 13 Nm (114 inch-pounds)) and peak torque (up to 38.5 Nm (340 inch-pounds) in a unique space-saving design, says the company. MFM motors feature magnetic circuit, thermal management and winding design. The winding configuration provides the maximum copper fill per slot, together with low thermal resistance, says the company. This allows higher current from the same temperature rise than previous designs, resulting in up to 30% higher continuous and peak torques. Contact Kimberly Tremel, Bayside Motion Group, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, N.Y. 11050. 516-484-5353


Trunnion Fixtures

Peak's new system assembles heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control modules into bezels. The 60-trunnion fixtures will hold the instrument panels as they move down the panel build-up line. Operators will add such components as the HVAC control module, airbag modules, glove box and various other controls and instruments. Contact James Kostaroff, Peak Industries, 5320 Oakman, Dearborn, Mich. 48126. 313-846-8666

Thomson's Assembly Machine

A new automated assembly machine from Thomson improves assembly throughput of Nyliner polymer bearings over conventional manual assembly methods, claims the company. The new machine can place Thomson Type 5, 6 and 7 Nyliner bearings and SnapLok Nyliner polymer bearings at a rate of 30 bearings per minute. Requiring two square feet of space, the machine can be customized to equipment design or application requirements. Contact Janet Hartley, Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, N.Y. 11050-2214. 516-944-1892

Newcor's Welding System

Newcor Bay City designs and builds an axle-tube welding system that integrates welding robots and in-line automation assembly processes. The machine can produce a finished axle tube in 30 seconds. It can run up to 10 different axle tubes that vary in lengths, brackets and bracket positions. Also, it has the flexibility to run either or both left or right hand axle tubes, claims the company. Contact Tom Boik, Newcor Bay City Div., 1846 Trumbull Dr., Bay City, Mich. 487074)918. 517-893-9505


Fabric Tubing From Raychem

Raychem introduces a heat-shrinkable fabric tubing product designed to protect wiring bundles, rubber hoses and plastic or metal pipes. The HFT2000 and HFT3000 eliminate the need for adhesives and fastening clamps, while making the installation of reliable, protective materials fast, easy and efficient, says the company. The halogen-free products also provide noise and rattle suppression, as well as thermal insulation. Contact Raychem Corp., Electronics OEM Components Div., 300 Constitution Dr., MS 110/7568, Menlo Park, Calif. 94025. 800-926-2425

E-A-R's C-3000 Series

The ISODAMP C-3000 Series energy-absorbing and damping foams exhibit properties ideal for shock-and vibration-cushioning applications. Its materials are semi-closed-cell thermoplastic forms featuring high strength, low rebound and controlled recovery characteristics, says the company. Available as die-cut parts, C-3000 foams are ideal for use as low-load crash stops, bumpers, acoustic gaskets and seals, fan mounts, protective packaging electronics cabinetry and delicate instrumentation. These foams are perfect for weight-efficient damping of light-gauge metal and plastics, says the company. Contact Jan Forbes, E-A-R Specialty Composites, 7911 Zionsville Rd., Indianapolis, Ind. 46268. 317-692-1111

Insert Molding Blower Switch

Tricon Ind. uses plastic for its new insert molded blower switch. It assisted with the redesign of the switch to incorporate a trim-in-mold process, eliminating a post mold trimming operation, says the company. Insert molding permits the use of a heavy gauge stamping for circuit paths, contacts and connector pins. Contact Pat Grandle, Tricon Industries, Inc., 1600 Eisenhower Lane, Lisle, Ill. 60532-2167. 630-964-2330


Surface-Mount LEDS

Hewlett-Packard introduces high-brightness A1InGaP red and amber LED lamps in a 3.2 nun by 2.8 mm surface-mount package. The LEDs are intended for automotive interior lighting - backlighting for telltale indicators in instrument clusters and LCD backlighting of status indicators, audio systems and air control panels. It provides typical luminous intensities of 100 med at 20 mA drive currents over a 120 degree viewing angle. Contact Hewlett-Packard, Components Response Center, 3175 Bowers Ave., M/S 88U, Santa Clara, Calif. 95054-9929. 800-537-7715 ext. 10078


Hillsdale Damper-Isolator

Hillsdale develops a combination crankshaft damper-isolators that offers improved NVH performance for diesel engines. The first part of the assembly consists of an elastomeric crankshaft damper. The damper is designed to attenuate the traditional crankshaft torsional vibration caused by the firing forces from the engine. The second part is the isolator assembly, which effectively is de-coupling the crankshaft pulley from the crankshaft itself, says the company. The isolator is tuned and designed to control the front-end accessory drive vibration, created from the ancillary system on the engine. Contact Michael Driehorst, The Lauerer Markin Group, 1700 Woodlands Dr., Maumee, Ohio 43537-4021.419-893-2500


Road Simulation Technology

MTS introduces a new road simulator technology for vehicle fatigue and durability testing with advanced capabilities. The Model 329 6DOF lets test labs control forces and motions in all six degrees of freedom at the test vehicles spindles. Options include, steer turntables for simulating large steer events, active longitudinal body restraints that enable simulation of very low frequency, braking for simulation brake events within a test sequence and torque input fixtures to help provide realistic driveline component. Contact Don Grussing, MTS Systems Corp., 14000 Technology Dr., Eden Prairie, Minn. 55.244-2290. 612-937-4086

LNP Tests Gears

LNP designs and builds a wear tester to specifically measure the wear performance of engineering thermoplastic materials as injection molded gears under controlled conditions. The tester will characterize the wear performance of thermoplastic gear materials like acetals and nylons and eventually test internally lubricated and reinforced materials, says the company. Contact Mark Stokes, Lubricomp Marketing Manager, LNP, 475 Creamery Way, Exton, Pa. 19341. 610-363-4500.
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