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New Products.

Smooth operator goes virtual

VIRTUAL OPERATOR from Registry Magic is a speech-recognition auto attendant and call-routing system designed to enhance corporate telephone systems. Virtual Operator is a turnkey solution that attaches to a business' telephone system and performs the tasks of a live operator. It understands natural speech, eliminates the need for inefficient touch-tone menus, and quickly transfers calls to the proper person or department.

Targeted at businesses with 10 to 500 employees, Virtual Operator can answer and route up to 12 calls simultaneously. Callers are no longer subjected to tedious touch-tone menus and lengthy directories. Using Registry Magic's advanced Dialogue Detection technology, the Virtual Operator understands your callers, however they phrase their requests. Talk Thru technology even lets callers interrupt the Virtual Operator and still be transferred quickly and correctly.--Registry Magic

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Tactical NRZ-to-CDI converter

BRIDGE THE TWO MOST POPULAR protocols involved in tactical communications with the new NRZ-to-CDI converter from DNE. The CV-2048 allows NRZ devices to be positioned in tactical areas as needed through the use of the CDI cabling and the CV-2048. NRZ is prevalent among data routers, hubs, switches, video cameras, and modems. CDI is used where wire-based connections are needed to transmit high-speed data over long distances.

The CV-2048 is fully compatible with the DNE AN/FCC-100(V)9 multiplexer and can address numerous remote data access applications. Coupling the CV-2048 converter with the AN/FCC100(V)9 multiplexer allows data communication and encryption devices to be physically grouped to simplify monitoring and control of communications links, CDI interfaces on data routers can be configured to run at higher speeds, and the reach of video cameras can be extended to be positioned over 3 km from a satellite terminal. The CV-2048 can also be used to bridge devices onto modern high-speed network technology, such as ATM switched networks.--DNE Technologies

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Keep it clean

POSITIVE AIR FLOW cabinet from Devtek Electronic Packaging Systems is targeted for indoor use where environmental conditions dictate a level of protection from airborne dust higher than NEMA 1 but less than NEMA 12. The design of this economical enclosure uses a high-volume replaceable filter system. It also features a specially configured top-mounted fan tray kit.--Devtek Electronic Packaging Systems

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Simplified replication

DATA REPLICATION SERVER from Arkona enables companies to incrementally and automatically update traditional database content, semi-structured reference documents, and other forms of enterprise applications. Universal Update Version 1.0 provides a centralized data distribution "hub" for almost any corporate information source. It tracks information, manages updates and modifications, and delivers information to mobile and distributed users. With Universal Update, complex replication can be set up in minutes instead of days and weeks.

The server and client routes both inbound and outbound information through customized application adapters. The adapters let Universal Update communicate with most data sources including relational and free-form data, enterprise applications, and legacy systems. Information assets are protected by delivering information based on individual user profiles.--Arkona, Inc.

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Multimedia converter

MEDIA CONVERSION CENTER from Transition Networks is ideal for high-density enterprise networks. The Media Conversion Center is a manageable, multiprotocol and multimedia converter mounting option. The unit features a 16-slot chassis with an optional redundant power supply, optional SNMP management, and is capable of accepting Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, fiber mode conversion, ATM, FDDI, Token Ring, and Gigabit Ethernet conversion cards. The latest update to the Media Conversion Center's Management Module is support for HP OpenView, one of the most widely used management platforms in the enterprise environment.--Transition Networks

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Your Frame Relay Passport

SMALL TO MEDIUM-SIZED multisite businesses can consolidate all traffic on a single public Frame Relay facility with a new product from Nortel. The Passport 4400 Access Device Phase 3 integrates voice, fax, IP, video, and legacy traffic over a single WAN connection, saving money on duplicated carrier facilities and operations costs.

With the Passport 4400 Phase 3, the user can access all nodes in the network by setting up a single permanent virtual circuit (PVC) from his or her site to the central site switch. This allows the user to tunnel multiple end-to-end Frame Relay switched virtual circuits (SVCs) within a single PVC. A specific quality of service can be assigned to applications transported over the tunneled SVC, so multiple types ,of traffic--SNA, LAN, voice--can be supported to multiple sites over a single PVC. An advanced traffic management system ensures that mission-critical traffic always gets through, while the lowest priority traffic is guaranteed a minimum throughput.

The Passport 4400 Phase 3 features a self-learning address server, ClearVoice compression and echo cancellation technology, and a PC-based configuration tool for quick set up of commonly used multiservice features. The unit also supports flexible network link resilience through WAN backup to keep the network operational if the primary link or Frame Relay service provider's network fails.--Nortel Networks

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Host with the most

ENTERPRISES CAN OUTSOURCE the design, installation, and management of complex, custom hosting operations to a new family of online hosting services from MCI WorldCom Advanced Networks. Latest additions to MCI's Hosting and Electronic-Commerce unit are the Enterprise-Class Hosting and Hosting Professional Services. MCI WorldCom's Enterprise-Class Hosting offers integrated management of a company's hosting, networking, security, and custom application services. The new service includes hosting configuration and network integration services; a designated project manager, a specially trained Enterprise Management Team, 24 x 7 site monitoring and management; and custom applications supported on standard and non-standard platforms. Enterprise-Class Hosting can have multiple networking options including Internet, VPNs, Frame Relay, and private dial services.--MCI WorldCom

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Mighty mini E1/T1 DACS

MINI DACS E1/T1 CONVERTER from Loop Telecom comes in 2, 3, or 4 ports, which can be any mix of E1 and T1. With the V4300, full time slot interchange is provided, with conversions between coding law and signaling where necessary. The mini DACS is the size of half a rack unit, and it can be either AC or DC powered. Users can configure and manage the V4300 using either a terminal connected to the console port or through the Ethernet port using SNMP or Telnet. Simple monitoring is accomplished by using the front panel LCD display. Despite it's small size and low cost, full performance monitoring and alarms are provided for all ports. To aid diagnostics, all loopback types are provided and remote loopback commands, sending and receiving, are supported.--Loop Telecom

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RF planning and more

OFF-THE-SHELF network planning tool from MapFactory is targeted for PCS, LMDS, and MMDS professionals. AlphaMap Telecom/Wireless combines multiple Sets of essential network buildout information into a single, easy-to-use, and fully integrated desktop mapping package. The product features an array of benefits that go beyond creating RF propagation and network planning maps, including bundled information for supporting sales, marketing, and customer service.

AlphaMap Telecom/Wireless is a set of nine fully integrated information layers that are available individually or as a bundled package. These information layers--such as heights and dimensions of every structure higher than two stories with an accuracy of better than one meter-are crucial to RF engineers who need to calculate the propagation and attenuation of radio signals in densely populated urban and suburban areas. Features include high-resolution aerial imagery, bald-Earth digital elevation models, canopy digital elevation models, satellite imagery, and digital street maps and labels. All of the information in AlphaMap Telecom/Wireless is current and fully registered.--The MapFactory

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You're in (remote) control

REMOTE ANALYSIS SYSTEM (RAS) from Digitech brings real-time distributed network analysis (from multiple users) to any location from any location worldwide. The client/server-based RAS offers the expert functionality of a full protocol analyzer in a rackmountable platform. The system performs in-depth analysis and problem-solving for Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, and Token Ring LANs.

The RAS minimizes bandwidth between client/server to 10 kbps. It also offers simultaneous data capture to RAM and/or hard drive from highly utilized networks. The RAS also features Quick Filters, advanced filter libraries, and multiple view modes. The unit ensures distributed network access via network in-band and dial-up interface connections.--Digitech Corp.

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Telecom test

USERS OF AMERITEC CALL GENERATORS can develop large automatic test environments using FeatureCall 3.5, the latest version of Ameritec's test management tool. Two standout features of the new release are the TestCase and TrafGen tools. TestCase provides the user with tools to schedule tests to be run days, weeks, and months in advance for up to 32 units with a mix of physical interfaces. Individual test cases can be automatically downloaded from a computer's hard disk to any one, or all of the call generators on the basis of the instruction in TestCase. FeatureCall automatically collects statistics and errors into files so that the test engineer can review results. TrafGen is a traffic profiler that allows the user to automatically change the "calf per hour" rate. The call rate can be increased or decreased based on a call rate schedule.--Ameritec Corp.

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Your enterprise oughta' be in pictures ...

DIGITAL VIDEO SYSTEM from Optelecom is a low-bandwidth MPEG-2 video access product designed for business network applications. The Transform DVS features state-of-the-art video compression technology to provide users cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions for meeting enterprise needs for corporate communications, distance learning, and video surveillance.

At the heart of the Transform product is a real-time embedded operating system that allows simple and reliable plug-and-play operation from this standalone network appliance. It features a built-in HTTP server that offers easy Web-based management and can be controlled from a standard browser anywhere on the network or through the Internet. The Transform product also features industry-standard WAN and LAN interfaces, a wide range of delivery profiles, inverse mux capabilities, and interactive or one-way decoder options that allow for seamless integration into almost any type of network.--Optelecom, Inc.

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Class-act cabinets

"ELEGANT" CABINET SOLUTIONS distributed by Power & Telephone Supply offer a perfect choice for datacom equipment installations where neat arrangements and easy access are required. The Elegant Line from Elgadphon is designed to make installation, equipment patching, and wire management very friendly and easy. Racks and cabinets feature a special wall-mounting system, metal/Perspex front door with lock, direct access to front and rear sides, and pull-out telescopic drawers for hubs and active components. Sizes range from one patch panel and one hub for 24 users to four patch panels and four hubs for 96 users.--Power & Telephone Supply Co.

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