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New Products.

Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator

The CSC Aquapal III portable moisture analyzer detects exact water content in lube, hydraulic, gear, crude, and transformer oils. This simple operation involves two steps: press start and add the sample. Results and calculations print automatically, with test times as quick as 20 sec. The analyzer's microprocessor performs all calculations. Ideal as a preventative maintenance tool for equipment.

CSC Scientific Co. Inc. Write In 2032

Whole Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin Control

The HQ-Chex whole blood glucose and hemoglobin control is available in three clinically significant levels. It is designed to evaluate the precision and accuracy of the Hemocue [Beta]-glucose analyzer, Hemocue [Beta]-hemoglobin photometer, and GDS stat-site system. The control is packaged in convenient plastic squeeze dropper vials and features a 30-day open-vial stability.

Streck Laboratories Inc. Write In 2033

Quick Disconnect Couplings

The Chemquick CQH series of quick disconnect couplings are designed specifically for fluid applications where metal-free flow paths and chemical resistance are of the utmost importance. Features include high-flow valve designs for big flow in a small package, and automatic dual-sided shut-off valves to instantly stop flow upon disconnection. Ideal for applications, such as chemical transfer and drain lines, ultrapure DI H [H.sub.2]O spray guns, and nitrogen guns.

Colder Products Co. Write In 2034

Thermocouple Thermometers

The Fluke 91500-series thermometers are available for a wide variety of applications. The 50S and 50D models are ideal for simple temperature applications, such as taking, holding, and scanning readings; measuring differential temperature; and determining minimum/maximum recording. The 51 II, 52 II, 53 II, and 54 II models have dual-backlit displays to read temperatures in [degrees] F, [degrees] C, or Kelvin.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. Write In 2035

Diffuse Reflection with CPC Technology

The CPC Diffuse Swap Top module makes the diffuse reflection sampling technique easy and reliable. Using a compound parabolic concentrator optical element, it directs energy to the sample and collects the reflected energy. The module is part of the Foundation series, in which a system of sample accessories shares a common base module. More modules will be introduced in the future.

Spectra-Tech Inc. Write In 2036

Handheld Flue Gas Analyzer

The UniGas 2000 handheld flue gas analyzer is a complete unit for fast boiler tuning and maintenance checks. Two electrochemical sensors read oxygen and carbon monoxide concentrations. The valves, together with the flue gas and combustion air temperatures, are used to calculate the efficiency, excess, and [CO.sub.2] in compliance with existing standards. Calculations can be made for most common fuels, plus six additional fuels can be programmed for analysis.

TTI Inc. Write In 2037

Single-Beam Green DPSS Lasers

Unlike earlier green DPSS microlasers that had two slightly diverging beams, the 58 GSS (standard) and 58 GLS (low-noise) series have all of their output in a single, intense beam. The lasers are designed for OEM applications, where small size, low power consumption, hands-off operation, and reliability are critical. They produce up to 3 W of output at 532 nm.

Melles Griot Write In 2038

Online Search Tool

More than 250,000 researchers, faculty members, and students use EndNote software to search online bibliographic databases, organize their references, and create bibliographies instantly and automatically. It is an all-in-one tool that integrates online searching, reference database management, and bibliography-making functions into one program. For more information, visit

ISI ResearchSoft Write In 2039

Dry Powder Rotator

The Dry Powder Rotator for hard-to-mix powders gives a more thorough mixing action than ordinary reciprocal shakers. By setting the drive bar at a 20 [degrees] angle, the motion of this rotator closely reproduces the mixing action achieved when mixing by hand. The powder is tossed from end to end, as well as rotated around the inside of the vessel. Its silicone lining reduces chemical deterioration.

Glas-Col Write In 2040
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