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New Procedures for Unaccompanied Minors Leaving Spain.

Rabat Unaccompanied minors, including those of Spanish nationality, residents in Spain, or those traveling with third parties, must carry a travel permit in order to leave Spain as of September 1, 2019, reported El Faro de Ceuta.In addition to the ID or passport, minors must have a signed travel permit.

Parents can obtain the form from the Police, the Civil Guard, courts, notaries, town halls or consulates.The new procedure was designed to increase the safety of minors going abroad.

According to the Spanish daily, the Spanish Ministry of Interior indicated that the new procedure is also applicable for journeys from Ceuta to Morocco.The Ministry of Interior issued the new procedure in July aiming to prevent cases of kidnapping or human trafficking.

The initiative also aims to increase the protection of minors' personal data.El Faro de Ceuta reported that the new procedure, issued by the Secretary of State for Security, "unifies the control systems at the borders and details the procedures and the checks to be carried out by agents before minors' entrances and exits.

"The Spanish outlet reports that the procedure comes as a result of the frequent departures of minors outside the national territory."The diversity of situations these minors may suffer due to their status as minors, such as illegal human trafficking or parental kidnappings make it necessary to implement and unify a common system of control, both to comply with national regulations and to safeguard the International Agreements and Treaties Spain is part of," says El Faro de Ceuta.

The Spanish Constitution obliges public authorities to ensure the social, economic and legal protection of minors. Article 39.4 provides that children should enjoy the protection provided in international agreements ensuring their rights.

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Date:Sep 4, 2019
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