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New Privacy Solution 'Zone IIQt' Solves GLBA/HIPAA Compliance and Simultaneously Boosts Employee Productivity; AIA-Certified Seminar Clarifies Compliance Issues and Solutions.

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NIANTIC, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2003

Telaid's president, Bill Patsiga, today announced the immediate availability of the Company's new speech privacy product, Zone IIQt(TM), which quickly and inexpensively addresses the need among financial services and healthcare companies to comply with the U.S. Government's new privacy protection laws known as GLBA and HIPAA.

According to Patsiga: "In the rush to comply with GLBA and HIPAA, many companies have overlooked the speech privacy issue. But it is clearly required by both laws. In addition, clear and recognized standards from ISO, ANSI and ASTM spell out the most legally defensible compliance strategy. Fortunately, this issue can be dealt with quickly and inexpensively so that companies can signal regulatory agencies about their intention to comply."

Applications for the technology are anywhere "Personal Health or Financial Information" is being discussed either in person or face to face. Currently the technology is applicable to a wide variety of situations all across the broad spectrum of financial services and healthcare organizations from the largest brokerages and insurers to the smallest doctors', psychiatrists' and dentists' offices.

Said Patsiga: "Zone II is clearly the best speech privacy product available anywhere so we're pleased to make it available to our customers on an exclusive basis. It's also very affordable and simple to use because it's based on the latest technology from the people who literally invented speech privacy."

Along with the product release, Telaid is offering an AIA-certified Continuing Education seminar on GLBA and HIPAA compliance. The course and the technology were both developed by Telaid's partner CSM-Acentech (formerly BBN Acoustics) of Cambridge, Massachusetts which is the acknowledge leader in the field of speech privacy.

Zone II is a low-voltage hardware product that can be quickly installed in ceiling tiles. It provides a low-volume "sound field" that imperceptibly screens out background conversations and establishes a condition defined in technical standards as "Speech Privacy." "Speech Privacy" is measured with engineering instruments on a scale known as the "Articulation Index"--a measure of noise that has been in active use in physics and acoustics since the 1950's.

The most widely recognized technical standard for Speech Privacy is known as ASTM E1130, from the American Society of Testing and Materials. This standard stipulates an "Articulation Index" of AI equal to or less than 0.2 as the requisite condition for what it calls "Normal Privacy" which is a reasonable and achievable condition in open-landscaped offices and work areas.

Said Patsiga: "The ready availability of this technical standard as well as the instruments to measure compliance and Zone II technology to achieve compliance dramatically simplify what many have regarded as an otherwise confusing and intractable problem."

About Telaid

Telaid is a national service organization focused on delivering technology solutions to national clients who desire consistent quality work across their enterprise. The company's core competencies include Audio/Video Solutions, Structured Cabling/Wireless, Key System/PBX Voice and Network Electronics. We deliver these solutions through Rollouts, Design/Build Projects, Moves, Adds and Changes and 24/7 Service utilizing our national field technical staff and business partners. The company's website is:

About CSM-Acentech

CSM-Acentech is a 55-year-old professional R&D firm closely allied with MIT which is best known for it's historic role in the development of the Internet (see: The firm also pioneered and has continued to lead technical developments and standards in the field of Speech Privacy since 1969. The company's websites are:,; and

Note: The Qt in product name "Zone IIQt" should be superscripted.

Note: A graphic is available at URL:
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 29, 2003
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