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New Pike Brewery designed for minimum environmental impact.

The beer from the new Pike Brewery in Seattle, WA, may range in color from gold to garnet, but the brewhouse is green. According to Pike head brewer Algernon "Fal" Allen, a key design goal for the new brewery was protection of the environment. "While the nature of traditional brewing is ecologically correct with significant recycling," Allen says, "we have incorporated into our design a fully-automated waste disposal system. This system will pH balance all the effluent that leaves our brewery. It will also aid in the reduction of biological oxygen demand by adding air, and help reduce our total suspended solids by removing some of the heavier materials from out effluent. Some spent grain will be used for baking at the pub, with the largest volume being provided to farmers as feed."

The new brewery was designed by Allen and brewery designer Steven Carper, and is located at 1415 First Avenue in Seattle. The 20,000-sq-ft. facility incorporates a 25,000-bbl. brewery and 200-seat pub.

The original Pike Place brewery was founded in 1989 by Charles Finkel of Merchant Du Vin. Today the brewery produces a wide range of beers and contracts production of its pale ale.
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Title Annotation:ecologically-friendly waste disposal system adopted by Seattle, WA-based brewery
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 22, 1996
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