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New Partnerships Against Cybercrime.

By establishing its new Computer Crimes Center, South Carolina joins a small but growing number of jurisdictions where law enforcement is trying to mount a more coordinated fight against cybercrime. The partnership among the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED), the FBI, and the Secret Service officially launched in April.

The center helps make the fight against cybercrime less confusing for law enforcement, says Lieutenant Chip Johnson, supervisory special agent with SLED and the center. "No one has to figure out who's responsible for investigating this type of crime," he says. "When that case comes in it belongs to the center, not any one agency.

The center was set up after extensive travels to see what others were doing, says Johnson. Among the sites visited by representatives from the center were the Regional Computer Forensics Lab in San Diego (see "Tech Talk," March), the FBI's computer crime lab, and the Secret Service's Electronic Crimes Task Force in New York.

"We were able to pick pieces of each of those places that were working well," Johnson explains. "Our little twist is that the investigations and analysis is done under the same roof; most of what we've seen is different."

The center simplifies computer crime investigations, he says. "It's truly a one-stop shop in...South Carolina for any chief or sheriff or corporation seeking assistance in the investigation of a technologically related crime."

Johnson says that he will encourage cooperation with high-tech firms and others in the private sector. He adds that the center's "one-stop shop" concept will serve as a model for future state and federal partnerships.
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