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New PSP Game Out This Week.

Despite not having any new games since 2010, a report from (http://http// Kotaku has confirmed a new PSP game is set for release next week as a downloadable title. The game in question is "Brandish: The Dark Revenant" by publisher XSEED Games and will be sold for $20.

The PlayStation Portable was Sony's answer to the Nintendo DS at the time. While not as successful, the portable console did have it's fair share of successful games such as "Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core" and "Loco Roco." Their handheld rivalry continues today with the PlayStation Vita on Sony's side and the 3DS on Nintendo's.

Although the trailer states that the game is for Sony's PlayStation portable, it will also be playable in Sony's more recent handheld the PlayStation Vita. This is a re-imagined version from the original SNES game according to (http://http// IGN and was originally published by KOEI and Nihon Falcon. This remake will feature smoother gameplay than the original, while also completely updating the graphics from the ground up.

There were other "Brandish" games that came out after the original SNES title, but none of them were ever ported to the states aside from the original. There was a fan translated version of the first sequel "Brandish 2: The Planet Buster", but aside from that there was never an official release for any of the other iterations of the game series.

"Brandish: The Dark Revenant" is an action RPG that mixes standard dungeon crawling with plenty of traps and tricky puzzles. It is set to contain over 40 floors filled with monsters, spikes, boulders and giant bosses. The premise is intriguing as you play as two archenemies struggle to escape the trap they're in.

The game had been released in Japan since 2009, with Atlus originally planning to port the game to North America. Now it is XSEED Games bringing this game to the west, though it is unsure why it took so long for them to release this game. A trailer for "Brandish: The Dark Revenant" debuted last year in E3 2014 and will finally reach western shores next week.


( Brandish: The Dark Revenant - Launch Trailer (Credits: Youtube/Xseed Games)

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