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New PRIMERGY BX900 server system raises the stakes in virtualization and energy-efficiency.

Summary: Fujitsu today announces a key foundation stone in its global market growth program for x86 servers, with the introduction of the Dynamic Cube -- the new-generation PRIMERGY BX900 blade server system

New PRIMERGY BX900 server system raises the stakes in virtualization and energy-efficiency

PRIMERGY BX900 is foundation stone for global growth program

Fujitsu today announces a key foundation stone in its global market growth program for x86 servers, with the introduction of the Dynamic Cube -- the new-generation PRIMERGY BX900 blade server system.

The PRIMERGY BX900 is built on four guiding principles. The first is a dynamic new power and cooling concept to reduce energy costs. The second is to achieve improvements in operational performance, through dynamic virtualization. The third principle of the PRIMERGY BX900 concept is to deliver unmatched uptime, via dynamic high availability. Finally, guaranteed investment protection is accomplished through the fourth principle, new system architecture offering dynamic scalability.

Chandan Mehta, Product Manager for Fujitsu Technology Solutions in the Middle East, comments: "The four guiding principles of the PRIMERGY BX900 design ensure that it meets the needs of datacenter operations where achieving cost savings and increasing IT systems' agility are immediate concerns, and this is the case with almost every datacenter in the Middle East region."

IDC analyst Vernon Turner, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Infrastructure, Consumer and Telecom research, commented: "With the introduction of the Dynamic Cube, Fujitsu really raises the stakes in the datacenter blade market sector. The combination of the system's superior performance, its powerful virtualization capabilities and its power savings add up to make the PRIMERGY BX900 an attractive proposition. We expect to see Fujitsu gain share in the upper segment of the blade server market as a direct consequence of this launch."

The PRIMERGY BX900 is a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a single blade cube. By using the PRIMERGY BX900, customers can adapt dynamically to different IT usage scenarios, increasing the agility of IT infrastructures while reducing costs.

Fujitsu's new-generation PRIMERGY BX900 blade system, available to order immediately, spearheads Fujitsu's global growth program to increase its market share for x86 servers, with a worldwide server sales goal of 500,000 units in 2010.

Dynamic Power and CoolingThe PRIMERGY BX900 is a leader in terms of reduced energy consumption: it operates at new levels of power efficiency, and sets new standards thanks to Fujitsu's cooling and design concept, Cool-safe. As a direct result, by moving to a PRIMERGY BX900 server, customers can expect to reduce energy costs by thousands of Euros per chassis per year*.

Dynamic VirtualizationEquipped with the latest IntelA XeonA 5500 series processors, large memory capacities and state-of-the-art I/O performance, the PRIMERGY BX900 is designed to deliver industry-leading virtualization capabilities.

These virtualization capabilities also make PRIMERGY BX900 an ideal solution for consolidation projects. With the full integration of Fujitsu Server View Resource Coordinator VE management software, the PRIMERGY BX900 can simplify IT operations by delivering uniform operations for pools of physical and virtual servers and visualizing the connections of the networks. In addition, this solution can automate IT operations, reducing time for the provisioning or exchanging of servers by up to 90 percent.

Dynamic High AvailabilityThe PRIMERGY BX900 is designed for full redundancy, reducing unplanned system downtime. It features software-managed hardware failover, and every single active component is hot-swappable.

Dynamic ScalabilityBy design, the PRIMERGY BX900 is optimized for investment protection through its scalability. Created in cooperation with Intel, the system has a stackable, high-density design that enables performance upgrades through the addition of further PRIMERGY BX900 units.

In addition, the new system architecture enables Fujitsu to offer two more blades in a standard 10U chassis than any other vendor design -- with a record-taking 18-blade design. Thanks to these extra blades, the Dynamic Cube immediately offers 12 percent more system performance in comparison to other vendors' blade systems.

The PRIMERGY BX900 is backed by comprehensive support from Fujitsu's worldwide services organization, providing a one-stop shop for the full planning, design, implementation and management of complex IT infrastructures. Thanks to a global team of IT services professionals, Fujitsu delivers holistic IT solutions.

Manufactured in Augsburg, Germany, and in Fukushima, Japan, the PRIMERGY BX900 reflects the best of German and Japanese engineering and quality control. PRIMERGY BX900 systems start shipping on May 21, 2009. 2009 Al Bawaba (

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Date:May 14, 2009
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