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New Nordic: From Scandinavia to the world.

ROSKLLDE, Denmark -- New Nordic is a Sweden-based company with unique know-how in medicinal plants. New Nordic develops and markets effective herbal dietary supplements and cosmetics to satisfy specific health and beauty needs. It markets these under the New Nordic brand to an increasing number of people all over the world.

New Nordic was founded in 1990 by Karl Kristian Jensen, whose dream was to establish a company that could develop herbal products that would add vitality and years to peoples' lives. In 1992 Marinus Blabjerg joined the company as an equal co-owner. That was the beginning of a long-term friendship and business adventure.

The company's passion is to help individuals around the world live better, healthier lives by developing innovative, effective supplements and cosmetics. New Nordic's products have won many awards and accolades from international industry organizations. In recent years, it has achieved category leader status in the "beauty from within" category--a rapidly growing sector worldwide.

New Nordic's groundbreaking approach is to find plant ingredients that can nourish and activate life processes, keeping consumers vital and beautiful as they age. The company notes that striving to always stay innovative, it has just launched the first-ever apple cider vinegar gummies. These delicious gummies help maintain one's health and are sour free. Attendees can sample them at New Nordic's booth during TSE.

The company has also launched a gummy version of Hair Volume, its best-selling hair supplement for hair health.

New Nordic products are sold daily in more than 50,000 pharmacies, beauty stores and health stores in 36 countries from China to the United States and beyond. New Nordic has opened 12 country subsidiaries, and more are planned. The goal is to service consumers and retailers with a high-quality sales and post-sales support. The company works closely with retailers to support the brand at the store level, and it is always open to promotions, campaigns and education. With a group of individuals at the core of the company who are passionate about health and vitality, the company is always available to aid consumers in finding the ideal way for them to begin their journey to vitality the natural way.

New Nordic has become a well-known and recognized consumer brand. Its distinctive packaging design and the silver tree logo are clear and consistent features on all of the company's products.

New Nordic is run according to modern management principles, with a family-like working environment that stimulates creativity and excellence. The company values its expertise and heritage highly.

New Nordic is an independent company and wants to continue to be so, which is why its owners listed New Nordic on the public stock market in Sweden. This gives New Nordic access to the financial resources it needs to grow worldwide without abandoning the company's spirit. That means New Nordic is an open, transparent and modern company, where everyone can follow what is going on.

"In Scandinavia we live close to nature, and we have a reputation for exceptional longevity and happiness," says the company. "We value nature highly and look for purity and quality in the products we use. As humans, we value equality, freedom and integrity.

"New Nordic believes in long-term commitments: to its customers and retailers, to the quality of its products, and to the research that drives the development of products for the future."

New Nordic US Inc.

1000 N.W. Street, Suite 1200 Wilmington, Del. 19801

Key contact: Jennifer Soueida, Sales and Marketing Associate


Phone: (514)419-5160

Primary business: HEALTH CARE Vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements

Total Store Expo booth #2558

Caption: Karl Kristian Jensen

Caption: Marinus Blabjerg
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